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Anti-drug campaign of Duterte

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Duterte is the president of the Philippines whose campaign promise was to eradicate the country of illegal drugs. Now those killed in the said campaign is numbering in thousands and half of those killings have no clear justification hence they are considered extra judicial killing. President Duterte has been criticized by foreign leaders already but he seems to be touchy in that area. He wants to do everything quietly without any critics. He even cursed US President Obama and UN head Ban Ki Moon for their remarks against the killings.


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Honestly, I like the Anti-drug campaign of Pres. Duterte. Instilling fear has always been the best medicine for this case. The only thing I don't like about our president though is the way he talk. He's too foul mouthed most specially when he talk over the media. For me, that isn't how a good leader should act. You might not agree with me but in my own opinion, he's no different to those tyrant leaders. He's like a villain in a superhero movie. 


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A drug campaign is good but not at the cost of killing people based on suspicions and a supposed list of suspects. You could get killed if you happen to make an enemy out of someone who has connections with the police. That is how scary it can be. I don't do drugs but I really fear for my safety and that of my family because of this campaign. It is like Martial Law all over again. Duterte has to bribe the armed forces by doubling their salaries just so they would do their job and justify it by saying 'these are special times'. 

I can't understand my countryman who rejoice at hearing that 3,000+ people had been killed because of the drug campaign. How would you know that the people killed are actually guilty? It is an insecure administration and biased pseudo news sites are sprouting on social media to distort the truth and make Duterte a hero. These people even  have the gall to downplay mainstream media's reporting and portray them as opposing the drug campaign. They are lost in their own revelry.

Well, he is foul mouthed, indeed, and not fit for the presidential seat. It is a waste of the country's time and resources to defend him and his foul language instead  of focusing on improving international trade. He won only because the votes have been split heavily between the other 3 frontrunners in the presidential race.

Recently, Duterte announced that he is ready to take the point of no return with the US-Philippines relationship and to turn to China and Russia instead. Media did not invent these statements. Will China and Russia support establishing BPO and other businesses in the Philippines? I am scared for my country. I stand for democracy and oppose any attempts to flirt with communism or socialism. The "Night Falls on the Philippines" indeed.







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Affairs in the Phillippine Islands, for the most part, are none of my business.  However, it does concern me he is targeting addicts, not just the sellers.  In that sense, it's a very cruel and harsh way of dealing with crime.  

Note, many of us have family members or friends who have fell to drug addiction, and the thought of them being killed by some maniac would anger and sadden us.

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