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Favorite Binge-Watching Show

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Hi guys! 

I don't know if you are like me, but I have less and less time for having fun or relaxing. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime have given me the satisfaction of binge watching some shows. I can't stand the incertitude normal shows that are broadcasted week to week bring me. Shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black have an special place is my mind due to how I enjoy them. What shows you like to binge watch?

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Well I just created a post about the show that I am most recently binge-watching, and that is The Night Of on HBO, and it is fantastic too.  I am not a big binge-watcher overall, though, so that might tell you something about this show.  Some of the other ones that I have done this for was Orange Is The New Black, which was okay, and the Making A Murderer documentary on Netflix, which was really good.  Thanks for sharing.


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Making a Murderer was a great show, but I felt it was somewhat dense to binge-watch. Those irregularities in the investigation were really suspicious. What was your opinion on it?

What's the Night Of about?


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I love Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey and when a new series of that came onto Netflix recently, I sat down and watched the whole series over one weekend. Oops!!

i always feel a little bit guilty binge watching tv like this - but I just don't have the patience to watch one episode a week!

I also regularly binge watch series of the Office and Extras on Netflix even though I have seen every episode plenty of times. 


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RIght now my favourite tv show to binge watch is The Office (The US Version). Because it's short (around 20ish minutes) I can watch so much if I start watching it. I always finish and say just one more and end up watching about half a series in one day xD. 

@Knitting Do you watch the US or the UK version of the Office?


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