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Found 3 results

  1. Do you believe everything the mainstream media tells you about Trump and Putin ? I like to hear both sides but it does seem to me a lot of the main media really attack hard on the new president without just waiting to see how good he will be. I think its best to be in the right side of Putin, if the US had Hillary it would be heading for war and I don't think that would be the right approach.
  2. What do you think, will Trump be US president ? vote now.
  3. I like to hear both sides of the debate but let's look at Trump. The media are labeling him as dangerous, when Hilary Clinton said if I'm president, we will attack Iran. The trouble is the media alway show one side of the debate and it's always the view of the elite to make people not vote for the other side. They will run Donald Trump down to the ground to make sure he does not get in and there are already signs they plan in rigging votes. Now Donald Trump says he now wants extreme vetting of immigrants into the US. Is that really a bad thing ? of course the media will make it look that way but just think about it for a minute. Surely it's stupid to allow people into a country without proper checks, it leaves you open for attack and that is not good. He also said before about making a temporary ban on muslims entering the US, now that sounds bad if you don't understand what is really going on. I can show you some examples of what happens when you let muslims into your country, there is a problem and to understand that you have to look at Europe. Below is a video of France, they allowed the so called refugees into their country and look what happened. Do these people look like they want to integrate to you? do they look peaceful like their religion makes out ? Now some will say this is not all muslims most want to be peaceful and you would think that but undercover video shows what goes on behind closed doors. This is in the UK by the way. "This is the views of ALL muslims". So why is this not shown in the media ??? we should be worried, very worried about who we are letting in. These people don't want to integrate they want to take over in numbers. The so called refugees, they are seen with good clothes, iphones and selfie sticks when coming to Europe, they turn down aid from us and they do slit throat signs behind reporters have seen that too even from kids. Most are fit men in their 20s they don't look poor to me. Look at what happened in Germany they raped women. Do you want that to happen where you are, is Donald Trump so bad after all for using such strong words. The US needs a strong leader, we all do it's time to get tough and stop being offended all the time.