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Found 2 results

  1. I think it is a good sign that young people understand the bad effects of things like smoking and drinking. I can see most of them do not even touch it but old people still keep on smoking. May be I am wrong, but this is based on what I see nowadays. I think modern online and offline media play a vital role in educating them about the evil effects of these things. Videos are very effective in showing the clear picture of its hidden dangers and it influences them very much. But the only bad effect I notice is the addiction towards modern gadgets like smart phones. A major part of their life is spent on these small screens which eats away their creative thinking. Do you think younger generation is in the right direction?
  2. I started playing games on my smartphone quite recently. Even though I owned a phone long ago I never feel it worthwhile to play games on it looking at that tiny screen. Now I am addicted to a game called “TempleRun” which is never a ending game. What I liked most about this game is the speed at which decisions have to be made. You need to decide next course of action within milliseconds or you are gone. I believe there is no end to this game and it keeps on going forever. I also observed that kids are very good at this game and they can beat you easily. I think there are many other versions of this game, but I like this one very much. Have you ever played this game? Do you know any other games like this?