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Found 2 results

  1. I've seen several movies with this concept, parallel universe or an alternate universe wherein you have a copy of yourself in a different dimension that lives a normal life like you do but can make the same or different dailu decisions. Movies like Donnie Darko, Cohorence and Interstellar. I don't know if it really does exist but who knows? We have an enormous universe out there where nothing is impossible. And the fact that they have this theory probably means that it's real. What do you think?
  2. The Alternate Universe or Parallel Universe is I think one of the greatest mysteries in the entire universe. Alternate Universe is a theoretical seperate reality existing together with one's own. Recently, I've watched movies in relates with Parallel Universe. Donnie Darko, Interstellar and Coherence are some of those movies which I believe are absolutely mind blowing. Furthermore, they say that dreams can be glimpses of occasions which are a duplicate of yourself settling on various decisions occuring in an alternate universe. In my experience, I've had dreams that seems surreal yet it appears to be so genuine to me. I don't know whether I believe in an alternate universe or not and I think it's definitely bizarre if there is. Well who knows? We have an enormous universe out there where nothing is incomprehensible. How about you? Do you believe that there is an Alternate Universe?