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Found 1 result

  1. I have been looking into ways of making money online for a long time, I make a bit from Youtube and websites. YOUTUBE I don't make a huge amount from Youtube but it helps pay a bill off and that's good for me. I have many channels on Youtube one is of the hamsters I used to have just showing their life from beginning to end. This did gain a lot of interest and earned me money, funny enough I also did a video of my mice, this was before I had the hamsters and it was of this huge cage I brought for them and the title for the video was mouse mansion. This one video earned a few $$ . So i think making a good title is a good idea and I also found making a good preview image for your video helps too and of course making good content. I also have a cat channel because I have a cat now and I know cat videos are popular on Youtube you can never get enough of them, is hard to get popular though because of the amount of people doing the same but if you catch your cat doing something really funny it could go viral. I have a computer tutorial channel where I do a video of my screen going through different programs and how to fix them, this earns a bit though has only been around for a year and a bit it needs more time. The main channel I have is of different videos, more of a personal channel. I take videos of places I visit, I do videos of the music I make and I have some others which have got popular. This channel makes the most money. I think it's important to keep making videos and as often as you can. WEBSITES Websites I would say is the hardest thing to make money from. I have tried very hard but is not easy, you have to put money and effort into your website to get anything out of it. You can have a great looking website but without good content and without people knowing about your website it will be useless. I have tried Facebook Ads to advertise websites, the hardest thing I found though is getting people off Facebook and keeping them coming to your website. Facebook has taken over everything and it's a shame, it used to be more easy to advertise before and get members but now its limited. You could use Google Adwords but this is expensive you have to spend a lot to get anything out of it. I have facebook pages and some very popular, you would think that would be a great way to advertise your website free. But I got nothing out of this, people view the content you share but never become a member. I did make a bit from having videos and ads that count down before the video, share a link to it on your facebook page and some people click the ad, sometimes I got $ from this but you have to keep sharing and sharing on your facebook page it takes a lot of time. What ideas do you have ??? share with us.