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  1. I am an android gaming lover and I always play game on my phone in spare time. One of my favorite games is the Racing adventure type or Off Road driving game. Recently I found a similar game that was actually featuring dirt bikes. I was amazed to see the game! The name was Off Road Bike Crazy Adventure and it's totally free to play! You can also give it a try and download the amazing game from Playstore on your phone.
  2. I love to play this game and build my clan so strong that no one could battle with it. But due to my work load, I can't focus on it daily and thus my clan loses battles.
  3. I don't think that their are some gaming mouses made. But if you are right, then I would love to check one and pay my favorite games with it!
  4. I can buy a lot with $5 because of the currency conversion benefits. $5 would be equal to around 500 Rupees in my country. I can buy a lot of stuff with this amount