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  1. I am in Portugal, so I naturally follow my league, but I also follow La Liga and the Premier League. This year Chelsea seems to be very strong, but all the other teams down there are just waiting from them to slip. The same is happening in Spain, where Real is ahead, but Barcelona is not that far. Do you follow any league? Which one is your favorite?
  2. Very good question and for me the choice is clear, I prefer to talk on the phone because I can save time while doing it. Sometimes I am messaging back and forth and I don't reach any conclusion, so I pick up the phone, make the call and the problem is solved. I am with you right there @Binu.
  3. I am a big fan of the Star Wars movies, but sadly I haven't seen just yet the last Rogue 1 movie. I am wondering if we have here Star Wars fans that have already seen the movie? How have you found it? Hopefully it's as least as good as the last one, the first from the new Disney Era, that didn't start bad at all in my opinion.
  4. Facebook games are the ultimate time wasters, but some of them are actually interesting. I used to be totally addicted to Angry Birds games, including the Star Wars versions, but sadly this last seems to have disappeared from FB. I also play Candy Crush Saga and similar games, when I have the free time. What about you, do you play any FB games?
  5. The only thing I do to get prepared for the winter is go to my storage room and bring up to the flat my oil heaters. They are relatively old, but they do the job just fine, and they are a lot cheaper than electric heating. I also wash my winter sweaters haha, and with this I am fully ready for the winter, I am in Portugal after all, we don't have extreme weather.
  6. Yeah, Trump was elected, Obama has opened a war with Putin and things are looking nasty. I find those harsh accusations, and if in fact Putin managed to get Trump elected, this will have a huge impact on the world. Of course no one will ever be able to prove these accusations...
  7. I do believe in parallel universes and I believe they are closer to us than what we believe. Our senses are limited, so those universes might be right in front of our eyes that we miss them, we cannot see them. Interstellar was a great movie, it did make me wonder, but how can we know for sure if something like that is possible?
  8. I am in Portugal, and $5 is precisely the money I spend to have lunch in my works cafeteria. It's a decent price, not too cheap, not too expensive, to have a good meal. With $5 I can also have a breakfast for two people or go to the movies, so that's price of things here where I live. Good topic idea!
  9. My favorite kind of vacations are all included ones, even if I cannot do them often because they are expensive. But for me, nothing like the feeling of not needing money for 10 days, eating and drinking all I want, be at the beach with the company of my family. Any fans of this sort of vacations?
  10. Tennis is one of my favorite sports, and I am really looking forward to see Federer coming back. The fight for number one will be between Murray and Djokovic I believe, even if Nadal has started the year really strong. Do you follow the sport? Any favorite player?