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  1. That's so cute I love them and they are so tiny to and that's cute to!!!!!!!!!!!.
  2. That's so cute one time one of my relatives found a baby squirrel and took care of it and then they tried to let it go into the woods because it was chewing up everything but it would not go and it followed them back so they decided to keep the squirrel sadly it died later on.
  3. I used to have a bunny named ihop to me they are a lot of work but I think it is worth it because she would cuddle up next to me and let me pet her to sleep and sometimes I would give her a goodnight kiss but she always wanted food and you have to feed them hay to and it gets a little expensive. But I still loved her, sadly she went missing in 2015 when she was playing she got through the fence and we never found her.A animal may have eaten her.But they are very good pets!!!!!!!!.
  4. Hi I'm Ivy and I have a Syrian short haired hamster named bubbles and she is 1 and a half old!!.I think that she is very cute and happy!!!.