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  1. I doubt it but I can never tell what the majority of America is thinking sometimes.
  2. Well, the more I grow is the less I believe in supernatural things. However, it has been enforced within my soul from my religion that there is life after death. I really hope so because I always complain that life itself is futile so why do we live. There must be something on the other side.
  3. I don't snore overall but sometimes if I'm extremely tired, my mouth opens while I sleep. This usually leads to me having a very dry throat because of all the excess air that entered while I was breathing in through my mouth. Otherwise, I've never seen someone snore so loud to wake themselves up though they have snored loud enough to wake me up.
  4. I prefer texting because over the years of social media constantly upgrading, I think it has effected my capability to have normal conversations over the phone. Texting deletes most of the pressure and you don't have to be constantly preparing your response as you have time to process what the other person has said and reply appropriately.