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  1. The first one and my favorite that I can think of is Pinecone Research. I am not sure if they are accepting new members right now though. I like them because sometimes I get to sample free products and all surveys are $3 which is nice. I sometimes do surveys on Swagbucks but that is one site where I see more of the being not eligible. MIntVine isn't too bad either, but sometimes I get lots of surveys and sometimes I don't. I am also not a huge fan of surveys I try to limit my time with them.
  2. I gave it 4 out of 5. Windows 10 is pretty decent but when I first was using it I had a couple issues with some games off of Steam. I did get them working though so that was nice. For the most part it is user friendly compared to Windows 8 which is positive! I heard a lot of negative comments about the Windows 8 layout and people not liking it at all. Other then some issues with games (works now) I have had no issues, windows 10 has worked well for me.
  3. Well back when I was much younger I experienced 2 long distance relationships. One was with someone about 1 hour from me so it wasn't that bad but due to his school and my work at the time we could see each other 1-2 times a month and communicated mostly by phone calls. I thought we had a good relationship but 5 months in and he ended up cheating on me after a party he went to which was 4 hours from where he lived... So it never worked out. The other long distance relationship I had was with my first love, it took a year until we met face to face he was 6 hours from me. We were off and on again for 2 years but eventually called it quits due to trust issues mainly and his controlling attitude. I do believe in my heart though that if 2 people truly love each other that distance means nothing. They can be faithful and make it work. I am noticing in my town a lot of husbands are going out West in Canada to work then return to their wives and kids. Even though it is a crappy arrangement the job market isn't great right now.
  4. Hey everyone I am new! Well I already made some post but I guess I better post in here too since I am new to the forum. I really like all the different areas, and am happy to not be limited to just one topic of discussion. Thanks, looks like a fun place
  5. Well $5.00 in Canada doesn't go very far, at least not in my province. I don't think $5 even covers milk and bread, it might if I bought 1 load and 1, 1 liter of milk instead of 2 liters. It is sad really I remember being a kid and $5 was enough to rent a movie from the corner store and get a treat, not so much now though.
  6. Yes I have talked to myself out loud and in my head as well like another person is there. The times I have done this though was to decide how to talk about something important with someone or if I had big news to share. I also find it is a good method if I am trying to get a job and need to practice what I will say at an interview. Times when I am sad I have done it too.
  7. I don't believe that I am a good singer but I do sing a lot... Especially when driving in the car. The trip to my hometown is nearly an hour from here so it is easy to get lost in song and sing. I also find that singing makes me happy and relaxes me. I only tend to do it when alone though.