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  1. The best thing when it comes to Asian countries are their street foods. Whenever I go to visit other countries, I always look for their street foods because that count as an identification of who they really were. So far, I love Korean and Japanese street foods because they looked more healthier and clean. In our country, street foods are the best snack out of the plastic foil wrapped versions because they're not really ours, we've just borrowed them from other countries just say for example corn and potato chips.
  2. Haha! Sorry, I have to laugh on this because I've been always thinking about this as well after watching the Matrix several years back. Well, it's healthy for the mind to think about unusual stuff but you know, me typing this maybe part of the oracle. Can you tell who I am?
  3. To tell you honestly, the people who are like this are mostly protestants in my own opinion because they are scripture strict when following the Christian rules. For some reason, they see a lot of fault in other denominations but I can be wrong with this. Anyway, it's just my own opinion. I guess the only thing I can recommend is to respect whatever comments they give you. You know know what I mean. It's better like this that to be in conflict with other people. If they don't like you, then accept their opinion, stay away and move on. I'm a Nomad when it comes to Christianity so I always jump from one place to another if I feel that I don't fit.
  4. I hope not because we'll be losing our jobs if that would happen. I'm not sure about his other deals though but I'm mainly concerned about what's going to happen to the economy afterward. If ever he wins, I hope he won't do any drastic decisions that in the end will cause a lot of problems. I'm not sure if everyone is aware but we've having a crisis right now.
  5. If I have won the lottery, I will donate the half to poverty stricken community not monetary of course because I may just cause problems. After that, I will use the quarter of it for my investments, the eight for my own personal stuff, and the remaining I will give them to my family.
  6. I do this everyday and I can say it's much better than written communication. I had a bad experience with written communication in that past and it has caused me a relationship. I strongly recommended doing the phone conversation if personal doesn't seem possible than the written most specially if you are to speak with your love ones to prevent miscommunication.
  7. Yes but be careful though, some Christians might bash you for believing in this. I guess it's good to have an open mind to a lot of things. I find it helpful that way. If only the old Christian scriptures were not burnt in the past we may already have an answer to everything.
  8. People use Baking Soda often for baking and cleaning stuff but do you know that drinking a teaspoon of Baking Soda in a glass full of water at least 3 times a week is a good thing? I've been drinking Baking Soda water for 3 months now and what I can say is that my health has never been this good. Before, I would complain about back pains due to the stone in my gall bladder, I get fatigue always due to a fatty liver, but now, I don't feel those pain anymore thanks to Baking Soda. Baking Soda is an Alakaline compound, and the effect is almost similar to those who drink lemon water, or grapefruit on an empty stomach. The best thing about baking soda is that it's cheap and can be easily obtained--you just have to visit your local supermarket. Be careful with the dose though most specially with elderly people.
  9. Just be careful with your dosage because you might get a diarrhea. It has always helped me with my health problems so I can't see why it's not going to work with others. Let us know if it helps you. That's very true. That's why I'm taking this first thing when I wake up.
  10. I don't normally snore but if I do it isn't that loud but yeah, sometimes I wake up because I can feel and hear myself snoring. This happens to me when I ride very sleepy in public transport.
  11. If you travel a lot like me of course go with a laptop. It's just a matter of asking yourself: What is the reason you need a computer? The rest follows.
  12. I believe at some point that Christian teachings are similar to Buddhism just because of the rule they follow. I'm saying this because in the Bible we also have Karma but it's known differently, we call it "The Golden Rule" > Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  13. I believe in life after death because for some reason I have this feeling in my heart that I might have lived before in the past as someone else but for some reason there's this force that prevented be from remembering. When I try the past life regression myself, at some point, something or someone is preventing me from seeing it.
  14. I normally sleep 5-6 hours a day but if my day is quite busy sleeping for 3 hours is enough. I don't take any vitamins nor supplements but I walk everyday when I come to the office and when I go home.
  15. I can buy 241 pcs bath soaps with that amount in Landers, 9 canned tunas in Pioneer, or 2 overrun t-shirts+2 overrun pants in Divisoria.
  16. I believe you are talking about the Mars One project. They said that there are scientist living in Mars right now and they are the first to inhabit the planet. I'm not sure though if it was really a success because I haven't seen a single article about their stay in Mars. I bet as of writing those guys are still on their pod travelling in space. The only thing that didn't convince me though is that there are people who were chosen whose age are above 50's. I saw online that one of the flights is scheduled on 2023, how old do you think those guys are by the time they start the trip? I have nothing against seniors but come on! Do you think they are going to survive there long?
  17. One of the top reasons why Android is so popular is because they made the project open source. If you are going to combine all of the manufacturers in the market, Apple wont be able to keep up. That's the power of open source, anyone is allowed to develop the OS, it minimized the cost in research, development, and test--They listen closely to the voice of their customers more than what Apple has done.
  18. I invested my money previously with TheDAO--It's the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization which is fueled by Ethereum (Crypto-currency similar to Bitcoin) to start the business. It's risky but it's also fun because you learn new stuff by just investing and following their web posts. Unfortunately, it flunked because someone found an exploit and injected a script which then lead to the drainage of all the invested funds--good thing though they've found a solution and they were able to return most of the invested money. If you are going to ask me if I'm still going to invest online, then my answer is still Yes. The risk is there but sometimes you have to do your research and believe.
  19. I do. It's much cheaper to drink booze at home together with your friends.
  20. I've played the game, but it has become boring recently, so I decided to lay low a bit. I would log back from time to time but since the day they've implemented the antiroot script, I stopped playing completely.
  21. It's also a good idea to learn a bit of programming. In my own opinion, building bots would become the hype of tomorrow. With bots, you'll be able to generate traffic more and fast for your website.
  22. That looks tasty @Alexandoy. I love cooking fried rice myself. I love it most specially if you add a lot of garlic and then some oyster and soy sauce. Bagoong taste better if you like to cook yours with seafoods--It's like a our local version of paella here in Bulacan, Two thumbs up!
  23. Yes I do and mostly all the time back in my College days, until recently when I've found a way to cheat hangover and that is by taking B Vitamins before drinking alcoholic beverages. For me, Berocca works like wonders. I'm not promoting the product but for me it really works like magic.
  24. Honestly, I like the Anti-drug campaign of Pres. Duterte. Instilling fear has always been the best medicine for this case. The only thing I don't like about our president though is the way he talk. He's too foul mouthed most specially when he talk over the media. For me, that isn't how a good leader should act. You might not agree with me but in my own opinion, he's no different to those tyrant leaders. He's like a villain in a superhero movie.
  25. Action films full of fight scenes are actually my favorite type of movies. The best action movies for me are those films that have martial arts on it. These kind of movies keeps my adrenaline pumping and it helps me reduce stress caused by toxic office jobs.