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  1. I like to visit Facebook and Pinterest but somehow, I don't know why, I can no longer access Pinterest on my computer, so for now, it is only Facebook for me.
  2. I agree, even didn't like Mad Max Fury Road much, it seemed too much like The Book of Eli, the postapocalyptic situation and the struggle for water etc. seemed to be literally taken from the latter movie. But some of the action scenes were indeed good.
  3. I like Danny Devito movies such as Ruthless People, Deck the Halls and What's the Worst That Could Happen. He is simply amazing, really great with perfect comic sense. Next to Devito, I like Jim Carrey especially in Dumb and Dumber .
  4. I personally prefer to type a message as it saves a lot of time. Only when it is really necessary and situation demands, I personally talk on the phone otherwise I prefer messages or emails.
  5. I can easily last without my cellphone for at least two days. Although, I have not yet experienced separation from my phone, but I am confident as I am not really addicted to it. I don't keep checking it every few minutes nor do I lose sleep if I lose my data connection. So I think I can survive without it. Only time I would miss it is when I am away from home and unable to contact my loved ones without it. Otherwise I am okay.
  6. With five dollars, I can buy two days' worth of fruits and vegetables in my country. Or I can also buy a decent meal for two in that money. But that's about it!
  7. My favorite colour is green followed by yellow and browns. I love black and red colours too. But my most preferred colour is green in all its shades.
  8. Wow! Winning a lottery would be a dream come true! If I ever won a lottery with a lot of money, I would first invest half of it in such a way that I am assured of a fixed income in the form of interests and returns. From the remaining money, I would buy a decent bungalow with a lot of land around for gardening. The remaining money would go towards helping out relatives, traveling around the world, indulging myself with whatever I fancy, in general having a good time with it.
  9. I check my spam mails every day because sometimes, a few work-related emails do land up there so I just give a glance over to the folder and then delete whatever spam is there. i like to keep that folder clean and empty.
  10. Yes, it happens totally. Just like love at first sight, hate at first sight also happens. I have a first hand experience of it. There was this colleague once when I was working full time. The first time we met was before we both were scheduled to travel together to Norwich for business purposes. She gave out totally negative vibes and the entire trip was quite a misery, except for the parts where we both went on our separate ways.
  11. For me too, it is Facebook for interacting with friends and relatives. Whatsapp comes next but I still prefer Facebook.
  12. Hello everyone, my name is Kalyani. I am from Pune, India, currently a stay-at-home mum and freelance translator, content writer. I love reading, listening to music, cooking and also do a bit of gardening now and then. It is good to be here, interacting with people from all over the world.
  13. Ha ha ha that is so funny indeed. I wonder how long the poor woman is going to put up with this, she is soon going to kick him out of the bed along with his computer and all those wires!
  14. If I could have one superpower, I would want it to be the ability to fly wherever I want to. I do not want to read minds or control others, that would be disturbing and also damaging. I won't be able to handle that power well enough. But having the ability to fly to whichever place I wanted, to be able to soar high in the skies with the eagles, would simply be awesome. Yes, I want that!
  15. I am not for or against Death Penalty per se, but it needs to be decided according to the case and the gravity of the crime that has been committed. Recently, in my country there has been a spurt of sex crimes and many are demanding that the rapists be punished with death penalty. But my question is, will a death penalty prevent such crimes. On the contrary, the rapists will now resort to killing their victims for fear of being caught later and executed. On the other hand, there are those criminals who are antisocial to the core and can never be rehabilitated or cured of their antisocial nature, such criminals can be considered for such extreme punishments.