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  1. I would invest in a business so that my money would never deplete. I would then try creating a chain of companies so that I would be able to help the world.
  2. I find it impossible that the universe just came to be without any supernatural help. To me, there HAS to be something supernatural for this all to have happened.
  3. I collect money from different currencies and mostly coins. I really like to study the detail and art that goes into every country's physical bills and coins.
  4. I rarely use my cellphone and specially since I hate small screens and its tiny keyboard. It just isn't enjoyable and if I'm out, I'll prefer enjoying being out and if I'm at home, laptop all day.
  5. It never happened to me but it might be possible if their appearance or style match another person you hate. Maybe their voice irritates you and you hate them for it. Take for example racists, they most likely hate every person associated with the race they ''hate.''
  6. I check it every time I check my e-mail. There are always some e-mails sent to me that for some reason get sent to spam even though I opted for them.
  7. Yes. I don't get what the big deal is myself. I'd only be angry if someone lies about something that can endanger my life, health or family. If it's just a small lie then I don't really mind. Some people lie to not hurt others.
  8. I can buy a pizza, a cheap piece of clothes, a nice full dinner for 2 or actually be able to pay for a buffet with water. Many fast food combos cost less than 5 dollars.
  9. Once a cheater always a cheater. Look at it this way. He/she knew he was wrong and kept doing it and the only reason he regretted it because you found out about it. It only benefits him. It's best to find someone that never was and will be a cheater.
  10. No because in my opinion, even the criminal deserves death, it would just be an easy way out and I think having to live in horrible conditions with horrible people is an even worse punishment. Plus, it's best not to kill someone because they might actually be innocent and jail time might be enough to find proof of innocence