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  1. I have some punk rock songs on my playlist and some punk influenced artists too. I do not discriminate genres of music so I listen to almost anything as long as I like it. I love listening to New Found Glory, Sum41, All American Rejects, The Used, and Simple Plan.
  2. I do agree,I have listened to J Cole, and the others you have mentioned but they can't be compared to Eminem. Honestly speaking, I don't see any talented artists nowadays. I miss hearing something I never heard of before, like when I first heard Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Eminem, Tupac, and NWA. Everything you can hear now just sounds the like the same as the others.
  3. The Wedding Ringer and The Dictator are both good movies. I also like Zohan and The Spy.
  4. Good episode, thanks for the throwback. I really love this show even though I was still a kid when this was being aired. I remember being scolded whenever my mom would see me watching this show. she said it was not made for kids so I shouldn't be watching it.
  5. Well there are lots of these articles written all over the internet but they lack some evidence. I would really love to believe it since I'm a big fan of this theory and I would love to see the hollow earth for real.
  6. same here man! haha I have been thinking of this thing ever since I have watched the Matrix. It's a bit funny that I am always on the lookout for something unusual which maybe made by a glitch in the program if ever we are in the matrix.
  7. I have this recipe that is easy to cook and my wife loves it a lot. You just saute some minced garlic, onions, and ginger in a wok. then put the chicken in the wok and cook it until it's a bit brown. Put some soy sauce and fish sauce and a bit of sugar and lots of ginger. Let it boil until the chicken is cooked.
  8. I used to play this game, It really is a good game to play since it gave me sleepless nights just to get tons of loot to upgrade my base fast. But as time went by, I realized that a lot of people who play this game just got strong using money and not pure effort. I ended up uninstalling it since I won't be able to reach the top with just effort alone since most top players buy gems to upgrade fast.
  9. I have tried one of these, I first saw some sample videos of some games on youtube, I watched them and they are quite interesting. When I tried the VR box, I just tried it for around a minute or two and then I started to get dizzy. Good games but they aren't for me I think.
  10. Yes, I think I have played two of these games and they were both addictive. I remember playing them and not able to work for some days because I was trying to finish a certain level. It's a good game though I can't find any downloadable version that is safe.
  11. I usually sleep around 5 in the morning, sometimes I sleep at around 8. There are times that I just sleep for 2 or 3 hours but most of the time I get to sleep up to 5 hours. Whenever I only had 2 to 3 hours of sleep, There is always one day of the week that makes me sleep for 8 to 10 hours. maybe because of the lack of sleep for the whole week that I had.
  12. I would say that street foods rule our place. Fried fish balls, squid balls, one day old chick, fried tofu and of course coconut juice. A lot of vendors sell these types of food around our place and all of them earn well. Which means the food is so popular there is no reason for a competition because the demand is way too big. I even remember seeing a whole lot selling the same food and all of them make a lot of earning everyday. If I'm not mistaken, the pace they used was around 400 to 500 square meters and they were selling the same food side by side. there are about 15 to 20 stalls selling the same thing. At the end of the day all of them sold all of their stuff.
  13. I prefer drinking at home than somewhere else. there are times I wanna drink my heart out and get wasted. There are times that I just want to drink just a bottle of beer. either of the 2 events, I would rather drink at home. If ever I do get wasted and all after drinking, at least I won't be driving myself home. At least I get to have a shower right after I drink and go straight to bed.
  14. I am still using Facebook the way I used it way back when I first signed up in the site. I only use it for checking messages from close friends. Sending urgent messages or checking birthdays if ever I forgot someone is celebrating their birthday. Checking my news feed for local news, posts from friends and sometimes I post something I feel worth sharing. So I guess I'm not getting bored at all.
  15. It depends on how much money I won from the lottery. If it's millions worth, I will keep 25% of the winnings first. 75% will be used in buying properties that can be leased or rented. I'll buy a foreclosed building and rebuild it into a condo type building and make more money with the rent it will rake in. If there is more money left I might start a small manufacturing business. the other 25% I would use to support myself while the business aren't yet earning.
  16. It depends, if I only have around 2 to 3 hours to sleep, I would be needing an alarm to wake me. but if I have 5 hours of time to sleep, I won't be needing it. It is really hard for me to wake up if I had a long day and just 2 hours to sleep. I might end up sleeping longer if I won't use an alarm.
  17. Well I used to. I was a choreographer back in high school, which made me quite slim and I do not get tired easily. But as years went by and I became busy with things that are more important. I can say I got quite fat. I tried dancing again but I get tired without even a minute of dancing. So now I don't dance anymore.
  18. Maybe while I'm taking a shower haha. But for someone who never took lessons, I may say I am quite good but not great. I can't hit high notes but I do know how to sing in tune. It was a dream of mine to be a great singer but as for my age and the way the music industry is running today. I've given up on that dream.
  19. I love eating chocolates but only dark chocolate. I'm not saying I hate the other varieties or that I do not eat them. I eat them too but most of the time, I eat the dark one. It tastes a lot better for me. I love the way it tastes, the bitter taste of it mixed with the quite sweet taste.
  20. Aside from mind reading and mind control, I always wanted to have this ability that Deadpool and Wolverine have. They regenerate super fast.But the bad side is they live too long. And that might make me sad. Seeing all the people I know die while I live for a hundred of years more. But I think that's quite fun too. Just stay away from cameras or people will say your a time traveler.
  21. I say yes to this. In my country, Drug dealers roam the streets. Murderers, Rapists, Drug addicts, kidnappers do crime and get away with it. A place like this really needs the death penalty. It's the closest thing that can be done other than magically getting rid of the criminal before the crime is done. If the government makes an example to other criminals, a lot might change their minds before doing a crime. Make an example out of the existing criminals who haven't changed a bit though they have been locked up for years. A lot of people might say I'm too harsh, but I'll just tell them they might not tell me the same thing if one of their family members becomes a victim of these criminals.
  22. It always depends on the person. If that is true, then we could say that a murderer, thief, criminal, will always be what they are. People do change, though there are people who choose to live like that, we cannot say that all of the people with these qualities will never change. There is always room for change.
  23. I only use Facebook. Well I tried using Twitter but didn't enjoy using it. I just had this thought that it's useless unless a lot of people follow you which automatically means that my Twitter account would be useless. No one will follow me. So as of now I'm just using Facebook because almost all of my contacts use it and I use it for my business. The other one I am currently using is myLot, because of the simple reason that it pays me.
  24. It depends on who I'm gonna talk to and what is the topic we will be talking about. If it's just non sense, then I'll just send a message. If it's a business deal that needs clarification then I would need to call the person. If the person sent me a message on social media and asks me to call him and I do not feel like talking to him, I just send him a message and keep telling him I am quite busy at the moment and doing something important.
  25. My phone is important, But not very important that I won't be able to live without it. It may be useful but I cannot say that I won't last a day with out my phone. A lot of people I know always say they can't live with out their cellphones. Whenever I hear some of them say that, I always tell them to try lasting a day without food and water. I mean theses same people grew in the same place where I grew up. Our place never heard of a console until the Playstation went out. And by the time they heard about it, Playstation 2 was already being released. I mean when it comes to the tech thing, we all grew up without it. Why all of a sudden tell me they can't live without a phone? They've been living without that for years.