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  1. The only social media site that I'm using is Facebook. I normally use it to connect with family. Recently, I don't use it a lot since I'm using Viber and Skype. I tried using Tweeter but didn't like it much.
  2. I like The Spy as well and I remember Statham being funny in that film. Yes Zohan is a good comedy movie as well. I remember one of my most favorite movie and I love watching it when I was a kid. It's entitled Blaze of Glory. I wonder if you've ever watched that one. And Ricky Bobby as well
  3. I've seen several movies with this concept, parallel universe or an alternate universe wherein you have a copy of yourself in a different dimension that lives a normal life like you do but can make the same or different dailu decisions. Movies like Donnie Darko, Cohorence and Interstellar. I don't know if it really does exist but who knows? We have an enormous universe out there where nothing is impossible. And the fact that they have this theory probably means that it's real. What do you think?
  4. I understand. That's why I don't usually post topics like this as well as I'm careful in sharing my thoughts since there are Christians who aren't open with others opinions (well actually they are claiming to be open minded but they really aren't). I wonder why are they like that. I got really disappointed when I post in another forum and I just stated my opinion and there are "Christians" that bashed my post. I've known a lot of Christians who aren't like that. They will tell you if you're wrong in an appropriate and polite manner, but will never judge and bash you.
  5. Yes. I do believe in life after death as well. I believe that there are 2 places which we can go, either Heaven or Hell. However, I'm also fascinated with the idea of being reincarnated. Like when you die, you will be born again but in a different body or as a different person. And the cycle goes on and on. I'm not sure with it though since it isn't written in the Bible. But I always get fascinated with the idea.
  6. Yes I agree. I do believe in Karma as well just like the Golden Rule and what @biege has mentioned. However, I'm not sure regarding the Karma wherein your next life will depend on what deeds have you done with your previous life.
  7. I think it depends. If I love talking to the person then probably I'll call him or her, but if it's just someone or not that important, I prefer talking via text. And I guess it also depends on my mood, when I just feel like texting I guess I'll just text them, or vice versa
  8. If that happens, it will first depend on how much I've won. If it's just a small amount then probably I will put up a small business to run so my money will generate income. If it's bigger, I will buy properties like hectares of land and I would buy myself an island. Then I would put up my own business so my money won't sleep. Generally, I'll get things which will generate more money for me so that I won't worry that my money will get wasted
  9. No. I don't actually snore. Well not that I know of haha But no, I never woke up because of my own snore. But my hubby do snores really loud that I need to wake him up to stop him from snoring since I can't sleep. Or sometimes he wakes up himself because of his loud snore LOL
  10. I do workout every single day for at least 45 minutes. I do cardio hip hop because that's the type of exercise that I enjoy and I can say that it's absolutely effective for me because I totally lose weight in doing it everyday for the past few months. There are times that I skipped dancing in rare cases that I feel sick or tired.
  11. I think swimming is one of the best exercise to do. I'm actually a swimmer and I joined several competitions when I was in high school. I really miss those days when I used to swim every single day. However, recently I wasn't able to go swimming in light of the fact that I'm a busy person. One of my goals is to have a pool at my house so I can swim whenever I feel like to
  12. I remember playing this game that I got addicted to entitled Roads of Rome. The first time I played this game was around 2 or 3 years ago and I can say that this game is totally awesome! The graphics are cute as well as the characters, and the game play is really interesting. There's also a sequel to the game which is the Roads of Rome 2 and 3 though I haven't played the 2 yet. I really miss playing Roads of Rome but unfortunately, I can't find any more copy of it. How about you guys? Ever played Roads of Rome? What can you say about it?
  13. I tried playing the game just because I got curious in light of the fact that people go crazy about it. However when I played the game, it was just an ''ok'' game for me and didn't really find it addictive to be honest. After playing the game for like an hour and exploring it, I decided to uninstall it not just because I don't really enjoy it but also it's a real battery drainer.
  14. I played Clash Royale before when it was first released and I can say that it was actually a pretty cool game, just like it's predecessor. I guess I just played it for quite some time and get back with Clash of Clans. Perhaps I got bored easily that's why I stopped playing it. At first it's fun but in the long run, it gets boring. However, there are still a lot of people out there who still play Clash Royale, and I can't say anything wrong about it, it's just that I got bored easily, but it's a decent game though.
  15. I've seen this new gadget which they called the Virtual Reality box. I have no idea to when it was released but I'm certain that there are a few people who got addicted to it. The first time I saw it, it comes with a phone plan from a network provider and it's totally free (perhaps to promote it). I saw videos from Youtube of people wearing this acting that they're in different realm, which I think is pretty cool and creepy at once. Particularly when they play horror games with it, or ride a roller coaster with the VR Box. I haven't tried using the VR Box yet but I might soon, as I can say that I'm totally intrigued about it. What about you? Have you tried the VR Box yet?