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  1. I like action movies and fights sequences in the movie thrills me, however, the movie should have a good story, well developed plot, good presentation and last but not the least uniquely composed fight scenes. Matrix is a good fighting movie, however, if another movie has similar kind of fights, I would never watch it.
  2. I am a fan of this Pirates of the Carribean movie franchise. I have watched all of the movies on Pirates of the Carribean series, however, I was not aware that the fights part of the movie is on the floor and will be released in 2017. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor and the character of Jack Sparrow is fantastic.
  3. I use English as a second language. When I was learning English, I used to read aloud and always talk to the mirror. I also recorded my voice as I read aloud or talked to myself.later I used to listen my voice and find what's wrong. I still talk to myself, but I don't talk to myself to learn language but express emotions.
  4. On Fiverr you post your resume and advertise your skill. Here are some examples: I can write you two new articles for $5 I can design your website for $20 I can write codes for your website for $15 Based on your expertise (which you have mentioned on your portfolio), rates you have received (from your clients) and price, you will hired from someone for the job.
  5. Traffic from Paid To Click sites and Traffic Exchange sites is highly discouraged by ad networks including Adsense. If the ad network whose ads you are running in your website finds out that you are paying for traffic, you will be banned from the program. It is rather easy to find out the legitimacy of the traffic, Ad networks traces IP, location and time duration to determine whether the traffic is legit or not.
  6. I am telling this from my experience. Directory and socialbookmarking listing do not work much for SEO. It of course has some effect, however, it is not much considering the fact that your website or webpages need other thing as well to rank high on search engine. You need backlink and back links must come from reputed sites. Your content or website must include keyword in the title. The keyword is the first thing that increases search value.
  7. Yes, you can make money on youtube. However, it is really hard to earn from videos. First of all you need to know how to shoot a video, secondly you must know how to edit the video. Video shooting and video editing skills are not enough. You must make video on the topic that people like to watch. Then your videos must pull a lot of traffic to make real money.
  8. The name sounds familiar, however, I don't remember watching a show by the name Saturday Night Live. Is this a program where the show host invites a guest and talks about funny stuff? Does this show has a male host who is over weight? Is the answer is yes, I think I have watched this show.
  9. Adsense is the biggest online ad networks which accept all kinds of publisher, small, medium and big. However, Adsense is very strict, a smallest mistake will ban you forever. Once banned you cannot reinstate your account or create another one. Adsense will ban you not just for clicking your own ads but also if someone repeatedly click ads from the same IP. I have not been banned but I know people who were banned
  10. No, this hasn't happened to me. However, I snore and they say I have woken them. I also have experience of waking up in the middle of night because of loud snoring of a person next to me. In have heard about nasal strip but have not tried yet.
  11. I love fish, Any kind of fish dish will always make me happy. I love chicken. I can cook chicken in 12 different ways. I love goat meat. I am always looking for ways to include one more goat meat recipe in my recipe list. As you can see, I love meat. One of my favorite meat dish is dumplings.
  12. I am a meat lover. I not only enjoy eating meat, but also love cooking meat products. When I was a teenager, I heard that vegetarian diet is best, therefore I tried vegetarian diet for two years. However, I resorted back to eating meat because I did not experience any change inside me even trying vegetarian food strictly.
  13. I am on facebook, however, I am not much into facebook. I check facebook couple of times in a day, however, the longest time I am on facebook is just around 30 minutes. I use facebook as a personal interaction with my friends and relatives, as well as a platform to market my work. I use facebook as marketing tool more and personal interaction less.
  14. I believe there are happy endings in life. Pain and pleasure are two faces of coin, therefore, your life could brim with happiness and sadness as well. Some people may never find happiness in their life and end up with eternal sadness, however, there are people who have happy endings. I have seen many happy endings.
  15. Currently, alcohol and alcoholic drinks are big no-no for me. However, when I was a teenager and on early adulthood, I used to drink. However, I never took alcohol or alcoholic drink alone in home, I only drank when I was with friends during weekend celebrations or parties.