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  1. With 5 dollars in Romania I can buy 5 MCD menus, get a decent steak meal or even get enough food to eat for 2-3 weeks if I plan it right. I could also buy a decent t-shirt. I think I can even pay my landline phone with 5$.
  2. I've always wondered why England never lived up to their potential. Players like Gerrard, Ferdinand and Rooney in their prime were amazing to watch, but the "spine" of the team always suffered. They never got the manager they needed to make them work as a well-oiled machine, they always put their bets on individual talent.
  3. Doesn't sound too bad, I've always been a fan of Nintendo's products even though they always messed up their release dates. Wii U was pretty good and I enjoyed it, curious to see what they can bring to the table with Nintendo Switch.
  4. Here in Romania the '90s were quite fun, we had a band called L.A that used to have some awesome tunes. I remember listening to them and Dragostea din Tei (you probably know this one) while going on fishing trips, it was the best thing ever. Those were the times I discovered Hip Hop as well, Eazy E was killing it.
  5. Definitely texting, not only is it easier for me since I suffer for social anxiety but it's also so much simpler. It takes more energy to talk for an hour and make sure you speak coherently rather than just typing messages mindlessly. It's probably the anxiety inside me that's speaking right now but I think is much more relaxing to just send messages.
  6. He definitely had the chance considering so many people (especially females, which was surprising) seemed to like him and Hillary wasn't as popular as today. He has a big mouth and does stupid stuff and that killed his chances even before the actual voting campaign. The racist and sexist comments didn't help his cause at all, I don't think he will be the next president.
  7. Mafia 3 looks incredibly awesome, I didn't actually expect it to be relevant. I loved Mafia 2 but this game has not been advertised at all, it almost seems like they don't want you to know about it. I don't know if it's released or not but I can't wait to pick it up and "get hit" by nostalgia. It'll be great!
  8. I was always curious about how such a country with so many resources can struggle with poverty, especially when they have so much petrol. I later got informed that the government is extremely corrupt, they pretty much take every penny they can get and leave the country in shambles. Is this the worst case of corruption ever?
  9. I do like to be aware of politics and actually know about what's going on in my country but I don't really care about it too much, I pretty much hate the field because I think it's filled to the brim with corrupt people that only care for themselves and it's pretty boring.
  10. It depends.. I'm really keen on not forgetting people once they broke your trust but if that person is extremely sorry and I mean EXTREMELY, like you could smell the regret from miles away then it may be good to try to rebuild the relationship, especially if you think it's worth it. It may take years for things to go back to normal though.
  11. I really like dancing but I'm terrible at it, like I step on people's feet and my arms wobble around weirdly but I'm actually having fun so I don't really care how I look. I would love to learn some slow dances like Tango simply because they're really romantic and perfect to perform with a partner.
  12. I could never forget a lie unless it's something reasonable like hiding a surprise or things like that, otherwise it's a breach of trust that I could never overlook. Imagine if you forgive someone for lying and they do it again, why would you risk doing that when there are so many honest people in this world? Not worth the risk.
  13. I check my spam folder everytime I check my regular mail messages simply because sometimes the important ones get filtered badly, it doesn't hurt to make sure nothing was sent there for no reason. Most of the time there are only spam messages but it could be something important there someday.
  14. I still use Facebook simply because it's so easy to read news on it rather than going on sites that only dish the top stories. That way you can only read what you're interested in rather than being spoonfed a lot of crap. Other than that I only use Facebook nowadays to follow some of my favorite celebrities and some interesting pages.
  15. I think the world would implode, simple as that. Everything is online right now ranging from communication services, bank accounts, shopping, databases and the list goes on and on. Pretty much every single thing is stored on the internet and so much stuff would suffer from its stoppage the world would go crazy.