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  1. Doing surveys is boring at times as they do not justify the time and effort you put in. But then there're very very few online works which do. GlobalTestMarket has been my favorite survey site for years. Being an international member, I find this one the best. The opportunities are decent, and there's no delay in processing the payment.
  2. Ours is an area which is situated in high altitude, and with the change of global weather rain has become even sparse. When there is a shower, it never lasts for more than 10-15 minutes. And in a way that is good. Had there been a rain more than an hour or so, the city would have got flooded due to the clogged drainage system. The most of the cities are now getting flooded due to unplanned drainage system.
  3. Though I'm quite a foodie, but I don't like food of all texture and taste. Apart from Indian, I like Chinese and Italian cuisines. Basically, I like foods which are nicely presented. Presentation has a great value in my way of liking any food. I like street foods as well. They may not be that hygienic, but are tangy and tasty. As for sweets, I think my sweet tooth is missing. I do not like sweets in any format.
  4. Nature of the crime should be the deciding factor for this. Some crimes are so heinous that no mercy could be shown to the criminal. There're very few instances where a mercy could have changed an offender. But, the other side of the of the coin should equally be considered. Some crimes are not planned and the offender is not a seasoned one. The crime is done in a given situation where the offender has done something uncanny in circumstantial pressure. In such cases, capital punishment should be avoided.
  5. Given the fact that face is the index of mind, I do dislike some people at the first site. And ironically, I do not find any reason to change my views later as well. People's thoughts and activities get reflected on to their faces. A bad-mouthed person contemplate the same and you could easily vibe his or her intentions in the first sight itself. So, in my opinion hate at first sight do exist.
  6. I'm not a gaming geek, though I've played the game. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but don't want to fall into its addiction. The problem is, if I continue with this gaming habit it would be impossible to stop the young ones to keep off. I do not want to spoil them, so have imposed a self control on myself.
  7. Hello; I'm new to this forum, and eager to get acquainted with other members. Hope the process will be nice and interesting. Writing is my hobby, as it gives me the space to open up the mind. Forums are a great place to exchange the views and get to know the unknowns. Hope to have a nice time here in future discussions. See you all!