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  1. I have not earned much from independent composition. I've for the longest time been itching to begin my own particular web journal, but I don't have enough time to dedicate it
  2. I think they need to improve it better, overall in the area of compatibility with some programs, but after all it's a good system.
  3. I think laptops are the best, you can carry them anywhere you want, and these days they have the specifications to be better than a lot of desktops
  4. Working for it- Zhu with Skrillex it's a great song!!!
  5. Yes!!, in fact I have 4 ones, which are my favorite ever Lay It All-Rudimental Stolen Dance-Milky Chance Who we are-Imagine Dragons Wonder-Alex The Flipper
  6. Anyone here like PES??.. I definitively like it, but I'm the only one of my friends that like this game, Am I crazy? or is any other person who likes it too?
  7. Not much my country Venezuela, has a big economic and politic crisis so money here never is enough even with a small quantity like 5$
  8. I do it!, it's funny because I make laugh myself
  9. I prefer texting because gives me more time to think twice what I'm about to say
  10. I definitively would invest in any profitable business as my first option, you know money is no here for ever, so you have to find a way to earn more. Then I would travel and maybe would buy a beach house.