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  1. I take Astrology as a personal inspiration on my day-to-day of life, but not as serious which my future could depend on it. It is me who chart my own course of life, of what I am in the future as what I am working it in the present.
  2. I do agree with Binu. Lately, I have been in forum writing. It is easy to earn a penny. The task is also easy. You could write a line of two or more and you could earn. Grammar or correct English construction is not of necessity. As long as you could write and express what you have in mind, it's okay.
  3. Committing a crime is too subjective. Ever since the world began, crime was already committed. Crime against morality, crime against humanity, crime against nature, among others were being punished and the punishment is death. Did criminality stop? No. It didn't. It is even continued as to this time. If the point is to stop it by reimposing death penalty, the answer is big no. It couldn't be stopped. Therefore, my answer is no. It is too subjective. I repeat.
  4. Death penalty what for? To solve crimes of any form, I think it is the solution. The solution is to educate everyone, to involve everyone on the solution of a crime.
  5. Losing weight is a personal task to do and I believe there is no perfect solution to this except a self discipline would do. You have to control your carbo intake and do some exercise regularly.
  6. I do sometimes dancing. My kids are very good dancer. I started with our local dance steps, the folk dancing.
  7. For handiness, laptop is better. It could be carried anywhere and it doesn't need enough space when using it. Unlike the desktop is too bulky. It has to place in a permanent place and it has occupied a lot space in the office or at home.
  8. I am following the series of movies of the 60s, 70s. They're usually the Western Movies, the Cowboy movies. I had just seen the movie, "Ambush At Tomahawk Gap Western (1953), starring John Hodiak, John Derek & David Brian. It was presented by Columbia Pictures Inc. It's a suspense, action packed movie.
  9. I belong to the early 50s and my favourite songs were popularised by Paul Anka, The Beatles, Herman Hermits, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, among others. What I treasured much is our high school theme song with my high school sweetheart now my wife. The title of the song is "I Need You in My Life" sung by Homer Paredes, a local Filipino singer.
  10. This is a trending mobile phone game in our country and even in our own locality. My youngest son and youngest daughter have already lots of Pokemon collections. Most of them are rare. They usually capture while riding on a motorised tricycle or in the subdivision community. They're convincing me to join. I deny it. I don't want to get myself busy for such kind of a game, though I am curious and a bit interested.
  11. I have a fear of the snakes or the Ophidiophobia. When I see a snake, I freeze. If I have time, I would run away as fast as I could. There was one incident when I went home past 7 in the evening. My wife was standing outside along the road talking to our neighbours. They're carrying clubs. I thought something was wrong in the neighbourhood. I approached my wife who told me that she saw a 2-meter snake at the back of our front door. It sat on top of the bundled newspaper ready for resell. As she about to close the door, the snake tried to strike her. She ran outside and looked for something to hit the snake. Some of our neighbours responded and were able to kill the snake of unknown species. On that night, I couldn't sleep well. I was thinking that there would be more of them in the house. I was assured by my wife not to be afraid of the snakes. I would have to believe her for she's brave enough to drive or kill the snake.
  12. The school kids were taught to speak in English as their medium of instruction. The grade-two teacher would like to test her pupils if they're good in conversational English. Teacher: Luis would you come to the office of the school principal. Aske him what time is it? And the go back here. Luis: Yes, I will. Going to the principal's office, Luis was rehearsing his dialogue. "Good morning, Sir. What time is it?" He kept on talking to himself until he reached the office. Principal (noticed the presence of the boy) : Anything you want, kid? May I offer you something? Luis (feeling shocked and nervous) : "Good morning, Sir. Goodbye! and thank you!" Then, he ran away going to their classroom.
  13. Marvelous kid is a pseudonym of a reserved, simple type of a person. He writes whatever comes to his mind and anything he has experienced. I am glad that I have found this new site, I believe for there are only a few members so far.