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  1. I think it is a good sign that young people understand the bad effects of things like smoking and drinking. I can see most of them do not even touch it but old people still keep on smoking. May be I am wrong, but this is based on what I see nowadays. I think modern online and offline media play a vital role in educating them about the evil effects of these things. Videos are very effective in showing the clear picture of its hidden dangers and it influences them very much. But the only bad effect I notice is the addiction towards modern gadgets like smart phones. A major part of their life is spent on these small screens which eats away their creative thinking. Do you think younger generation is in the right direction?
  2. If I were the winner of a jackpot the first thing I would do is to take a Life Insurance for a huge sum. It won’t take that much time to spend all those money so I think it would be better if we make our family’s future bright. If something happens to me at least they don’t have to suffer. I would also deposit some money in bank to get a handsome monthly income as interest. I would use 50% of my money for these two and the rest I would use to enjoy life and off course some money for charity. Anyway I am not going to leave my job, may be I also start my own business. Otherwise life would be boring.
  3. I too have fear of snakes but I think everybody has the same fear. Even though I know most of them are non-venomous and nowadays there are effective medicines that can save our life, I can’t even breath on seeing a snake. One day a rat snake managed to get in my car and that was a horrible nightmare in my life. In our State killing snake is prohibited as an endangered species and we use to call a snake expert who catch them and release them in far away forest areas. But the fact is that snakes are more afraid of us and they try to strike in order to save life. The most dangerous species on earth is human!
  4. I am a night owl and sleep only on early morning hours. But my job does not demand an early rising from bed I can manage it without any issues. I always ensure that I get minimum 5 hours of sleep every day. I think 5-6 hours of sleep is enough for an adult while kids and aged ones need to sleep 10-12 hours. It can be different for a person suffering from an illness. But if I sleep below 5 hours I just can’t manage my day and would doze off any time. I think even brain stops working if we can’t sleep well. It is just like an overheated computer which keeps on behaving strangely and the only solution is to shut it down and start later.
  5. I would say it is banana chips, at least in our State and neighboring ones. It is prepared by frying banana slices in coconut oil or any other edible oils. But if you prepare it in coconut oil its taste would be amazing. I can’t stop myself eating banana chips and it is the main snack item especially during festive seasons here. They are crispy, delicious and nutritious too. They are very easy to prepare and I think that is why they are so popular here. But there is no compromise on taste too. It makes the perfect tea time snacks and in fact you can eat it at anytime you wish.
  6. I use my mobile phone to set alarms to wake me up. But I am a night owl and hardly sleep at night so I got a very irregular sleeping pattern. I know it is not at all good for health. So even mobile alarm does not work in my case. Most of the times I am not able to hear it due to sound sleep. Some times even if I hear it I would just switch it off and keep on sleeping. Now I have to buy a separate alarm with some loud noise or I have to normalize my sleeping pattern. I think only first option is viable for me or I have to sacrifice my online life.
  7. Personally I believe in life after death until and unless there is a solid proof that says there is no life after death. But still I wonder where our soul (with which we feel self awareness) will go if there is no reincarnation. I am not a religious kind of person and do not believe in any particular religions that much. I believe God is inside us and evil deeds show absence of God in us. Another question closely related to re-birth is who actually created us? I think the answer for rebirth also lies within this fact. The force that created this universe and living beings can make us take birth time and again.
  8. I can survive for long without a cell phone because I am not that much addicted to its use. For that I can manage with my laptop and net connection. I only use my cell to make urgent calls as most of my life is centered around my laptop. Yes, if there is no Internet or computers it would definitely hit me hard. I also don’t like to use it for gaming or surfing net. Moreover, I am not that much familiar with touch screen even though I got a touch screen phone with me. Typing on it is horrible and takes a lot of time to type even a sentence. But I have seen my friends using it comfortably and they are always on it. When I go around in the street I can see almost everybody glued in those tiny screens as if they are searching for something.
  9. In our country death penalty still exists but in rarest of the rare cases. There were many instances of terrorists hijacking planes asking for release of their friends. Why should we pave the way for such a situation? Terrorism is cancer to society which needs to be eliminated. I can say that we have no right to end life of anybody else which is a gift of God. But I think even God is not against eliminating evil forces from this universe. My only concern is that no innocent should be hanged to death because once it is done we can’t undo it. So there should be enough investigations and trials before taking a final decision.
  10. I started playing games on my smartphone quite recently. Even though I owned a phone long ago I never feel it worthwhile to play games on it looking at that tiny screen. Now I am addicted to a game called “TempleRun” which is never a ending game. What I liked most about this game is the speed at which decisions have to be made. You need to decide next course of action within milliseconds or you are gone. I believe there is no end to this game and it keeps on going forever. I also observed that kids are very good at this game and they can beat you easily. I think there are many other versions of this game, but I like this one very much. Have you ever played this game? Do you know any other games like this?
  11. I am a Hollywood movie fan, especially action sci-fi thrillers and horror movies. I like fantasy movies too. But as I am not from a native English speaking country I can’t see most of the Hollywood movies in theatres. I would like to see them in theaters to get the real effect. I use to see them in CDs or in Television. I like action packed fighting movies. The last one I saw was “Mad Max Fury Road” which was released in 2015. I missed a lot of movies of 2015 and now trying to watch one by one. To be frank I did not enjoy “Mad Max” too much even though there are some good action sequences, but too much beyond my digestion..lol!
  12. I think the whole world come to a standstill in the event of a total shutdown of Internet. Nowadays our life is directly connected to Internet, be it personal or official. We will definitely suffer a lot either directly or indirectly. All businesses like telecom, transportation, communication, banking and almost all sectors would be badly affected by this. You can’t make online transaction, don’t even think of ATMs and all modes of communication would be no use. To make it worse all these sectors are inter-related. In short we will go back to our primitive stage at least for some time. But then if Internet is not going to come back it is not the end of world. We would go back to manual mode and keep up everything gradually. So I think it would definitely affect us for sometime but that is not permanent.
  13. I do yoga every day in early morning hours. The best part about yoga is that it does not require any special tools or machines to perform. At the same time it rejuvenates you from within as it targets mainly inner organs and their health. Most of the yoga poses are based on breathing techniques so it is better to do it under the supervision of an experienced professional, at least till you are confident about it. Some yoga steps could also be detrimental to some diseases like people suffering from back pain are advised to refrain from doing certain yoga steps. I devote around half an hour daily for yoga. I do it in an open ground with lot of greeneries around. As its effectiveness depends on your proper breathing, fresh air is a must for yoga. Do you practice yoga and when do you perform yoga?
  14. To be frank I don’t believe in either loving or hating somebody on first sight itself. In my view it needs some amount of time before we clearly understand a person. You can’t just judge a person upon seeing him for the first time. May be he is well dressed with good manners, but that can’t guarantee that he is a good person inside. It is rightly said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Even we need time to assess our friends. Human mind is very complex and we never know what it is going to do next second. May be it thinks for your well being or in the opposite side. It never means we should be suspicious about everybody, but it does mean that we can’t judge somebody in the first meeting itself.
  15. Is there any harm in using machines to tone up our body? I heard that one of our film stars collapsed in the site due to a nerve breakdown. On diagnosing it is found that his excessive use of machines to workout caused his nerves to break down. I also heard that people who depend mostly on machines lose their charm after a certain age. But those who use his own body to do exercises can maintain stamina throughout life. Is there any truth in that? Can use of machines to workout harm us?