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  1. Mine is blue. Though I like other colors too, but blue is my favorite. I do prefer t-shirts and other things with blue color first.
  2. Actually I am not more active on any social media site for now. But if I need to choose one among all then it is facebook site which I am opening most from all social sites. I am using facebook login for many games so by default I am using facebook more in compare to other social sites. And also I am using facebook once in week to checkout other updates.
  3. I have facebook account, but I am not active since starting. I do open it once in week to checkout my friends update. I feel like boring to spend more time on facebook just for chatting and all that. I mostly use my facebook account for gaming only (to login into games). That's it.
  4. Drinking is not allowed in my state. So there is no chance of drinking at home either. And also I don't drink at all, even if I go outside where it allows I don't drink at all. It is not in my habit at all since starting. So for me it is no.
  5. I do like dancing lot. But honestly I can't do dance. I can do dance in crowd but not professional at all. But yes I do like watching dancing others. I do watch dancing shows program on TV regularly. Those hiphop and many good dances, I wish I can do it but I know that is not possible.
  6. Nope even I don't like to talk on this topic. Different people have different thoughts regarding this topic, and honestly it is not my interest related thing. So if things are not my interest related then I don't feel talking more on it. So I don't think I can talk more on this topic.
  7. Here too I can buy one simple t-shirt for me with this amount. And yes I can have good launch and dinner with this amount. In fact sometime I guess two people can have good launch or dinner with this amount. But yes it is also depends on places here. There are lots of things available here which can be purchased with this amount.
  8. I do snoring occasionally and that also when I am very tried. But I don't think I have heard my snoring by my self. I came to know about it from others. But yes I got wakeup many times by voice of snoring from others. I know few people who have snoring problem badly and their do it very loudly that nobody can sleep around them, but like you mentioned they also never got wakeup by their snoring.
  9. It is true. Some sites may provides bots in name of traffic. So better be careful. For me, sites like Google plus, facebook and twitter are working good. Specially twitter brings me lots of good traffic. They are surely better than those bots. And yes traffic is also high quality and our content related.
  10. I have yet not used this site so far. But I have heard lot about this site. I guess this is something like task related site. I will surely try it and share my experience here.
  11. Even I have searched for it now, and it says it will release in 2017. So still one year to go. I am fan of this movie and so far I have seen all of its parts. I like the captain sparrow's acting. He is really good and funny. I hope the next upcoming part will be interesting too. And hope this time they will able to provide something unique and interesting story.
  12. You make me remember my old gaming days. I haven't played this game since many years. But yes it is surely interesting one and yes it make our mind sharp. Honestly saying I am not getting more time for gaming but still I do play games sometimes. I haven't played tetris since long time, so I guess I need to install one this time.
  13. Sounds really interesting to me. I have heard lot about this game from many users. Nothing about confession as I guess for gamer there is no age limit. As you said we need to loot other villages to be stronger. I just want to ask these other villages are other online players or just computers operated.
  14. Well, I have not played clash of clan so far. I have heard lot about it though. I will try it. About Mini Miltia, it is good game which can be played online with players from all over the world, and it also can be played offline with multiplayer using hotspot (without internet). It is fun. We just need to kill each other alone or by making teams of we got more players. We can fly using jets in leg and weapons in hand for killing. We can change different weapons from game and also by killing other player and taking their items. So it is quite interesting.
  15. Nope.. There are still many countries which haven't got this game officially. I am from India, and I guess it is not yet launched for china too. They have promised that they will launched it in future, but still there is no perfect time range or date for releasing. Such delay is like irritating and gamers here are already losing interest.