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  1. Swimming is the best all-around exercise for me. It was for most people until someone claimed it was sex . What I like about it is I get to work out my body without sweating. I love that it doesn't put pressure on my knees or in any particular part of the body. I learned to swim when I was 5 at a small private pool and have been swimming regularly since.
  2. Some of the weirdest fashion fads I've seen in my country are dentures with retainer/braces or a fake retainer wire over the real teeth. I have no problem with it, and I'm quite tolerant about other people, just wondering what people get out of it. I know that braces and retainers have become quite common among teens, and have probably come to be regarded as a 'status symbol' among them, but fake ones?
  3. I've read more than two years ago about an ongoing selection for people who are willing to go to Mars. The latest I heard was that this had been shortlisted to 100. My female co-worker was one of only two Filipinos on the shortlist and she said that she hasn't heard from the organization. The trip is supposed to be a one-way trip so they're not expecting to go back to earth at all. She's single and I supposed she wants this historical adventure, but it's not for me. I'm all for it, though. I hope it gets the funding it needs. It won't be too far-fetched to imagine the logo of big companies like Nike, McDonald's, or KFC on Mars.
  4. A drug campaign is good but not at the cost of killing people based on suspicions and a supposed list of suspects. You could get killed if you happen to make an enemy out of someone who has connections with the police. That is how scary it can be. I don't do drugs but I really fear for my safety and that of my family because of this campaign. It is like Martial Law all over again. Duterte has to bribe the armed forces by doubling their salaries just so they would do their job and justify it by saying 'these are special times'. I can't understand my countryman who rejoice at hearing that 3,000+ people had been killed because of the drug campaign. How would you know that the people killed are actually guilty? It is an insecure administration and biased pseudo news sites are sprouting on social media to distort the truth and make Duterte a hero. These people even have the gall to downplay mainstream media's reporting and portray them as opposing the drug campaign. They are lost in their own revelry. Well, he is foul mouthed, indeed, and not fit for the presidential seat. It is a waste of the country's time and resources to defend him and his foul language instead of focusing on improving international trade. He won only because the votes have been split heavily between the other 3 frontrunners in the presidential race. Recently, Duterte announced that he is ready to take the point of no return with the US-Philippines relationship and to turn to China and Russia instead. Media did not invent these statements. Will China and Russia support establishing BPO and other businesses in the Philippines? I am scared for my country. I stand for democracy and oppose any attempts to flirt with communism or socialism. The "Night Falls on the Philippines" indeed.
  5. I love seafood, too, and because they happen to be more expensive than regular meat, it's always a treat to eat them. I just love tempura, shrimp stew, grilled squid with tomato and onion fillings, steamed grouper with ginger and mayo dressing, grilled tuna, fish fillet, grilled mussels, even seaweeds too! I'd love to eat in Japanese restaurants and eat semi-raw fish with wasabi dip. Now I'm getting hungry.
  6. I love a mix of both. I hardly eat meat without vegetables. I'll eat sirloin steak but there has to be a side dish of mixed veggies. A diet rich in vegetable is healthier but if I have to eat veggies for the rest of my life, it has to be tasty, and that may mean preparing it with meat. I know people who substitute mushroom or tofu for meat, but life is short, why would I deprive myself of great food?
  7. If you google apple cider vinegar (ACV), you're bound to see tons of health benefits. The benefits can range from lowering blood pressure, maintaining blood sugar level, relieving kidney stones, and preventing cancer to treating hormonal imbalances in women. These can be achieved supposedly by regularly taking one to two tablespoon a day of apple cider vinegar with the mother, and not just your ordinary apple cider vinegar. I take the product myself and I have not experienced issues with my blood sugar or blood pressure, although I'm not sure if I can associate that with ACV. There's another variant in the market, and this one comes with honey. When my son experienced a lingering cough, I mixed the ACV with honey to his fruit juice. He was healed after two days of taking ACV. Again, I'm not sure whether I can attribute this to ACV. What are your thoughts about it?
  8. I love every bit of being a mom and it's hard to pinpoint a single part. If there would be one, I think it's the part of teaching him and helping him to maximize his potential while enjoying every moment together. My son is quite young and I see my own journey at life when I was at that age. He's very excited to try anything and everything and I want to be there for him every step of the way.
  9. The time we spend trying to earn online is already an investment so we are all investing here and hoping that we'll get paid by sites here and there. When it comes to investing money, it's always wise to invest with a company with proven track record. Not that it will ensure good returns on your money, but that will at least minimize or eliminate the possibility of being scammed. I trust websites like Forbes when looking for options on stock investing. In this internet age, anyone can hire writers to publish positive reviews so I don't easily fall for glowing reviews from new sites. We also have to reflect on the type of investment that we want for our money. Investment models that promise great earnings in a short time are usually high risk ones. I wouldn't want to part with real money that I'll regret investing if I lose in the venture, but I'm open to investing a little just to see how it goes. Some online investment seem like gambling and I would normally avoid those types because I'm a baby investor and I'm just learning the ropes. Several banks are offering online stock investments and I'd really prefer this type of investment if I have extra money to invest. I prefer to hold on to my stocks longer, receive dividends that will pay off the cost of the investment, and sell the stocks much later. Warren Buffet was a conservative investor who knows how to choose what stock to invest in and one can learn a thing or two about his investment style.
  10. I prefer cold,hard cash like many people who work online so I've been avoiding reward sites. The delivery charges to my country are rather costly and that will easily jack up the prices of items I may buy online. Besides that, I'd like to make the most of my paypal account for which I am paying an annual fee (not for paypal but for the associated account). My day is already full with cash paying sites and I don't want to and can't stretch it further to accommodate reward sites.
  11. I believe so. I mean hate is just a strong word for it, but we sometimes find ourselves being at odds with someone just by seeing or hearing them talk though it's the first time to see or meet them. The 'hatred' could be with or without a cause. With a cause in this case could mean that the person you just met resembles someone else you harbor a deep feeling against. The resemblance could be in the physical features, voice, manner of speaking, or behavior.
  12. I can forgive, but I won't be able to forget the lie. A lie, no matter how small, will always get in the way of a relationship or friendship. Lie once to me, and I will always be on guard and doubtful of what you're going to say. That is something that can't be helped.
  13. I don't like to discuss politics because like religion, it is a very divisive subject. That is not to say, though, that I'm not interested in it. It's just that people have different opinions and some take it too seriously. The recent election in my country, for instance, had actually been a cause for some people to ban 'friends' from their Facebook account just because they feel strongly about their candidate. For this reason, I only talk about politics with people who I know shares the same opinion as I am or with people that I know are broadminded enough.
  14. I believe in God's existence simply because He does exist. @tonyb is right, everything has a maker. The maker calls to his creation. God calls me in many ways because he created me. I don't have to see God to believe because I have always felt his presence. My spirit recognizes him as my Creator and I am in awe because He is truly a magnificent, faithful, generous, and loving God.
  15. I also check my spam inbox on a daily basis. Beyond not wanting to clutter my email space with trash mails, I also want to check if an important email has been inadvertently classified as a spam mail. That has happened to me several times. Sometimes, some sites would also remind me to check my spam inbox.