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  1. Hmm, I heard of some people getting banned from some earning sites for fake traffic. Well, one was accused of it. Another was banned for the same. The site never said where the traffic came from. The person said they weren't doing anything wrong, but now I wonder if they got scammed and didn't even realize it. So many scams out there. Thanks for the warning.
  2. Yeah, that does seem kind of weird. When I was growing up, kids loathed braces. I was going to say parachute pants were a bit of a weird fad. They were kind of cool, but definitely different. There were a lot of fun styles back then. I think your fake bracers will have everyone's weird stuff beat though.
  3. Yes,, that's exactly why I want to do it. Good resistance but not all the impact. I want the exercise. I just don't want to hurt myself to get it. It's not just about being older (I'm not THAT old! haha), but also about previous issues that have left me with some physical limitations. Regardless, I think it's a great source of exercise for most anyone who wants to do it. Everyone has to find what works best for them, and this is my thing.
  4. This sounds like a really fun topic. Hopefully, we can put our heads together to come up with some good gigs. I've seen really serious stuff and really crazy stuff on Fiverr. I keep trying to talk my daughter into putting some of her drawings up there. She is a really great artist. I'd love to see her make a few bucks with her work. So, off the top of my head, sell art if you have a talent in that field. I'll see if I can come up with anything else.
  5. Learning how to cook might be a little bit tough on some people. So, let's talk about our easiest recipes ever. What's the simplest meal, snack, or other food item that you ever prepared? It can be breakfast, lunch, supper, snack, dessert, appetizer... anything you like.
  6. So, you have another thing to make fun of him for, right? Like looking like a dork with that strip across his nose. I'd buy him some just so I could point and laugh. Of course, my friends know I'm just playing.
  7. Old school (and I mean seriously OLD school) Saturday Night Live was hilarious. It was so outrageous at that time. You couldn't help but laugh. Everything was funnier when the Not Ready for Prime Time Players were in the house. Good memories of days long gone. Those guys really looked like they were having fun back then. Maybe that's part of what made it so good.
  8. For a short message, a text is fine with me. For longer stuff, just call me. I don't like it when someone writes a book over the phone and I need to write a book to respond, ha ha. A call is much simpler for longer conversations. In fact, a call usually ends up being shorter than if you had to write it all out.
  9. My husband and I like to have a couple drinks at home on a Friday or Saturday night sometimes. We sat out by the fire pit over the weekend and did so. We sipped a couple beers while talking and looking at the stars. It was nice.
  10. Yes, you have a point,, but still. I'm not willing to take money out of my pocket (or Paypal account) to risk it as well. This is also true, and time is something that we can never get back. I'm still not willing to put up money that I've already earned to invest it in opportunity sites. I would consider other types of investments though. Good post.
  11. Many people suffer from chronic pain. Finding relief isn't always easy. Pain medication can help in some cases, but there are also side effects and other issues. One of the natural ways of dealing with pain is to use ice or cold packs. Doing so can give minor, temporary relief. Please, share your suggestions for coping with pain.
  12. I think for most people, it's just a bit of harmless fun. If they enjoy it then they should have at it. Some do a really good job with their costumes. Some are quite impressive. If there other responsibilities are fulfilled and that's their hobby then I don't see anything wrong with spending time and money on it. Some people do get obsessed though. I don't think that's particularly healthy. They need to keep the line between fantasy and reality.
  13. Around here, preparedness is important for the winter months. We never know what we will get. Even a little bit of ice and snow can be problematic, but we also get ice storms sometimes. Since you shouldn't travel (and I don't want to anyway) when there's ice, I try to be at least somewhat prepared. I try to stock up on necessities first and foremost, such as canned food, bottled water, toilet paper, medicine, batteries, candles, and blankets. What, if anything, do you do to prepare for winter weather
  14. No, I don't follow this stuff. I did recently see that another zodiac sign is being added though. I'm not sure how that works, but I did think that was kind of interesting. I didn't look into further,, since I don't believe in it anyway. I posted this because I thought maybe someone else would have an interest in learning more about it. What do you think of this?
  15. I usually only check my spam folder if I'm expecting an email that hasn't arrived yet. This is usually because I signed up for a new site, and I'm waiting for the confirmation mail to get there. Sometimes, it's just slow, but sometimes they end up in the spam folder. Otherwise, I pretty much ignore it or just empty it. So much ridiculous stuff finds it's way there. At least you can get a good laugh from some of that junk.