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  1. I think it's okay if we seldomly talk to ourselves especially if there is an intense worry or difficulty we struggling to overcome. Again, if I get a surprised breakthrough or a very good report I may exclaim in excitement even if I am alone. This becomes a problem if it's too often.
  2. Wake up alarm has been of great help to me.I can decide to go to bed any time in the night and still be able to catch up with morning duties. My only worry is not sleeping for enough hours many of the nights
  3. My favorite food is the local meal of pounded yam and egusi soup. This is one of the main stable foods in the sub-haran africa.
  4. There is the survey site I am currently with, it's called Yougov. This is a reliable survey site, pay is in pounds and you have to accumulate a at least 50 pounds to qualify for cash out.
  5. Another colour I like is blue. I see it as calm color. In my apartment this is the choice of colour for my furniture
  6. How about those low profile workers who are working abroad, over 5000 miles away. Many of these people aren't able to make it back to their partner until after a year. Are you saying staying away for a year may not work.
  7. There are many different types of tasks that can be done on Fiverr. For example if you are writer or freelancer there opportunities for you there. Just let people know the jobs you can do. Pay a visit there.
  8. I am not interested in vouchers as means of reward or payment working online. I don't work online for fun and I wouldn't take it as just a supplementary income. I would opt for direct bank transfer or PayPal as means to receive pay.
  9. I can forgive and forget a lie if it's not a dangerous one. Lies in a relationship maybe hard to forgive, and if one tries to forgive for religious sake they may not be forgotten.
  10. I drink at home sometimes but it's more enjoyable drinking at the pub with friends. If you easily go tipsy when you drink I think better to always drink at home.
  11. It depends on the minds that are involved, if matured people discuss politics they will better handle their lines of disagreement. Such won't degenerate to a scuffle. I strongly think politics should be talked about to ensure good governance.
  12. I believe in a happy ending, this is the wish of many while they struggle. I think one key to a happy end is to be focused and prayerful.
  13. Five dollars can take me to work and back comfortably for five days. This is of I chose not to drive myself.
  14. I am beginning to get bored of Facebook. The thing that still keep me visiting from time to is to chat with distant relatives and family members. No time to read about others there and besides not earning on the site.
  15. I am not saying punish people before they commit a crime. What I am simply saying in nutshell, as much as possible, the system should be put in a way to make it impossible or extremely hard for crime to be perpetrated. There should be thorough policing