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  1. Morning is the best time for working out. In the morning, your body is sleeping, you can wake up your body by working out. Once you wake up your body, you will feel fresh and relaxed for the entire day. If you do morning exercise, you will get good sleep at night. Exercise has best results when it is done in empty stomach and in the morning, your stomach will always be empty.
  2. The main point about losing weight is you need to consume less calories and burn more calories. If you take more calorie than you actually burn, you will put on weight. Therefore, to cut weight you need to burn more calorie through exercise.
  3. The only yoga exercise that I know and practice regularly is Pranayama. Pranayama is a kind of breathing exercise. Good thing about pranayama is it relaxes body as well as mind. There are various kinds of pranayama method, my favorite one is called Kapalbhati. Kapalbhati is done by constantly breathing out. In this method, you don't inhale air, you only breath out.
  4. Chicken is my favorite food item. I like all kind of chicken dish. Actually I can make over a dozen chicken dishes. My favorite chicken dish is chicken chilly. Chicken chilly is fried chicken with tomato, onion and capsicum slices. Chicken drum stick is my another favorite food.
  5. You can swim as a fun activity as well as for exercise. Swimming is the best exercise. When you swim, you will get whole body exercise. sadly, I don't know how to swim. In fact I never tried swimming.
  6. Steamed dumpling,popularly called momo, is the most popular snack in my home country. Momo is steem flour balls with meat fillings. Sometimes instead of meat, vegetables are also used as filling. After momo, noodles is the popular snacks.
  7. I don't play Pokemon Go. In fact I am not much into mobile gamin, I am not a gamer either. I watch movies for entertainment. I prefer to watch YouTube instead of playing mobile games. I am always surprised at people's interest on mobile gaming.
  8. Sadly, Trump is already a President. I am not an American and I don't live in the US. Therefore, my opinion does not matter, however, I cam clear on this topic. Trump will make a bad president. He is an intolerant person.
  9. I am in Nepal and 5 USD translates as 530 rupees in the country. (The local currency is called rupees.) I can buy a good dinner for two, or pay my one month phone bills.
  10. I prefer talking on phone instead of sending text messages. I am not good at using short cut words, therefore, I take a long time to type sentences. I make calls only when I have to and I don't make unnecessarily long calls. My fingers are good at dialing numbers and not typing letters.
  11. Laptops and desktops have different purpose and I believe these two kinds of computer cannot be compared. laptop is portable, but desktop performs better. laptop and desktop have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  12. I recently installed Windows 10 in my laptop. Prior to this I was using Windows 7. I have used Windows 10 for a week and I am loving it.
  13. These days I am watching Hindi version of American TV series "24." Since I had watched first season and liked it very much, I am watching the second season. I am loving this series.
  14. According to karma principle, your life is the result of your deeds in previous life. In karma principle, what ever you do, good or bad, your actions will determine your life in the next life cycle. Karma principle also explains that your death is the beginning of your another life. Karma principle propounds birth and rebirth.
  15. The question is important because this question is not just discussed by layman and religious people, but also man of science. The theory that there is life after death has some valid points because there are people who have experienced near death experience and seen spirits. What do you think?