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  1. Yes I do believe it because I have actually seen people achieve it. Their lives are not perfect but for sure pretty darn close. I am still waiting for my happy ending especially so my daughter can always be happy or at least most of the time.
  2. I think that having a conversation about politics can be quite boring. Besides I always like to avoid anything that can lead to arguments for all the disagreements this can produce. I understand that everyone have different view points in things but I rather have a conversation in which we both can like.
  3. I agree with you that is why I don't drink. I have seen so many people die because of alcoholism including my grandpa. I suffer a lot because my husband is s drunk especially since he is putting his health at risk and also ignores my daughter.
  4. I have forgiven so many lies but can't forget them especially when it was for very important reasons. My husband lies to me a lot and that has made me a bitter person.
  5. Maybe everyone does deserve a second chance but depends on the situation. Knowing how I am I would never forgive a cheater because if they really love their significant other they wouldn't have cheated in the first place. I can't be with someone who will keep reminding me when I look at them that they have been with someone else, it's just not the same.
  6. I don't believe in any of these because I think we must get to know the person before we judge them. My husband said he fell in love with me the instant he saw me but I just can't say the same. When I meet someone I don't think nothing of them but only hope to get along with them.
  7. I actually check it on a daily basis as I always check my emails first thing in the morning. I check the spam incase an important email was sent there. It's not that difficult for me now since I really don't recieve much spam anymore. I like to have it emptied out everyday.
  8. For important things I rather recieve or make a phone call it's always nice to here all the details. On the other hand it is more convenient to me sending text since it's cheaper than making a call when it comes to the simple conversations, such as letting my husband know when I'm going out. Also since I usually have internet I use messengers to talk to my distant family.
  9. I am rewatching the whole series of Friends and Fresh Prince of Belaire, although I have already watched both like six times already but I guess another six doesn't hurt. These two shows I will never get bored of watching and I feel so happy every single time I get the chance to repeat them.
  10. I love American Idol but not just because of Simon but because of everything involved. The concept of the show itself is what made it amusing and addicting to watch. Music and singing are one of my passions so having those as a cambo in any show makes me automatically be attracted to it.
  11. Since I do live in Mexico now I watch "Mexico tiene Talento." I really like to see many talented people compete and get to show the world there are different things we are capable of doing and keep people entertained doing them. Very fun and I think it's a good show in which all the family can watch together.
  12. I used to watch this show everyday when I had a TV now I don't even know if it's still airing. I like when a show keeps me fully entertained and this show did just that. It is also kind of suspenseful since the player can end up losing it all especially when they have gained so much.
  13. I love them! Since I love action movies I find that fighting movies are packed with so much action and suspense. I enjoy fighting movies with Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Jean Claude Van Dam in them. I could watch their movies over and over again.
  14. I am a huge fan I have also been waiting impatiently and a teaser trailer has finally been released. It is said the movie will be released May 2017, not too long from now. According to how I saw the teaser the movie will be amazing. I can't wait!
  15. I don't play any instruments but I would love to someday, looks like so much fun. I'd love to learn to play the guitar or piano both seem fascinating to me. I started guitar lessons but gave up on them because I got busy and the lessons were a bit too pricy for my budget. One day I will continue that journey.