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  1. I have nothing against those who does cosplay (I even think it's a nice tribute to a character), but I believe it's a bit exaggerated - although I understand the reasons - when people take it too seriously and spend fortunes trying to achieve the perfection (a perfection that will never be reached, by the way ).
  2. For me, it's 50% to 50%. I like to talk on the phone, and also like to type messages. However, in busy days... I awlays prefer type messages because it's faster/more practic.
  3. Sincerely, I don't give a damn it! I have absolutely nothing against anyone who is influenced by the type of clothing that should or should not be used , but I think it has a lot to do with the personality of each person. As I said before, I really do not care about trends... Just wear what makes me comfortable and happy with myself!
  4. Making the necessary conversion (if isn't originally dollar ) to the currency of your country, what can you buy with that amount? Here in my country I can buy a simple shirt or have a moderate (but good) full lunch for example.
  5. When it comes to food, I can't have a specific preference (it's really hard for me because I really like to eat almost everything... but dishes that are made with chicken, meat or potatoes are on my preference list, 'cause i LOVE this trio ). However, I can respond easier when it comes to what I don't like, for example: I hate fish (really hate... of all kinds! ).
  6. Here in my country there is a snack called "coxinha" (I think it's not possible to translate into English because there isn't exist a word for it). The flavors may vary depending on the recipe (chicken, beef, cheese, chocolate , strawberry...) I can't describe in detail the ingredients, so ... I preferred to post a picture.
  7. The game is a fever and it's impossible to deny, even if you are one of those people who hates this game. The worldwide acceptance of this game was amazing (the success was so high that a new film is already being produced ). I play this game with some of my friends several hours a day and we always like to play on the beach (it's very funny to see the reaction of people ... but we don't mind at all ).
  8. I would travel the whole world and try to absorb (and enjoy, of course) as much as possible the culture in each place I visit. After the trip, I would invest in transport and oil area. The rest of the money I just would keep in my bank account.
  9. If you could choose to have - only one - some super power, which one would it be? So, I would like to be able to read/control minds (I consider this as the best and most intriguing among all the super powers... at least among those I know ). It would be extremely interesting and functional.
  10. Usually, I get between 5 or 6 hours per night (and most of the time is enough for me... but I would like to sleep a little more ). I can hardly go beyond that because of my routine.
  11. I have some friends who have phobias, but I personally don't have. However until today, I have a certain fear with open sea (because once, a long time ago, I almost died drowned... a bad memory/situation ).
  12. I'm not crazy (just to make it clear, right? ), but I speak (and I speak every day). The main reason is that I use the technique of talking to myself to improve my diction (and my general learning) in English. It's an extremely effective method!
  13. Mine are (I can't choose just one ): Blue, Green and White. P.S.: I once read a research that said that people who have the color "blue" as your favorite has some sort of mental disorder.
  14. I'm the kind of guy who is not an expert cook, but when I go into a kitchen, I can definitely cook something pretty cool and tasty (at least that's what my family and my friends say to me ). I love to make those quick dishes that are posted on the Internet because I'm always looking for something new and interesting/practical at the same time.
  15. The question is simple, but the answer can be very complex... But what is your answer? And Why? So... I know that we - unfortunately - live in a world very different (to be honest, remarkably different... in a bad way) from what was created by God and all these injustices/disasters around the world may put into question our faith in God's existence. But, although I don't follow a specific religion, i havet o say that because of all the beauty that exists in the world and mainly for personal reasons: I believe fully in God's existence.
  16. I have a collection of DVD's (I 'm quite jealous, by the way ). I started many years ago, but it's been a long time since I stopped buying. I have a total of 375 DVDs - all originals - (movies and shows).
  17. Yes. The same way I believe in love at first sight... Why I wouldn't believe otherwise? (love and hate go hand in hand, right? ) However, it's wierd because I never hated anyone so fast in my life.
  18. This is a really (I mean... REALLY! ) boring job, but I do "religiously" (yes, I'm very patient ) almost every day because I hate accumulating garbage in my e-mail. And you, guys?
  19. If I can forgive (because it's not very easy for me ), it would be after an assessment of the reasons involved in the lie because whatever happens, I always prefer to hear the truth.
  20. So, currently I'm an orphan of TV series. The one that I followed (but the season has already ended) was "Scream" (from MTV). The next I'll start to follow this year is "The Exorcist" (It seems to be very interesting , and also because it has Geena Davis).
  21. I quite like sometimes, but I have to admit that I'm not very good (in fact, I suck)... But, according to a friend of mine who is a great dance teacher, I just don't dance better because I don't want.
  22. I disagree, because I believe that everyone can regret of bad choices (no matter how much they are), looking for redemption when they choose to follow new ways in their lives. Everyone deserves a second chance.
  23. I don't have much patience to discuss politics (not because I do not know, but because generally people are very radical in their views and it pisses me off ). I just like to discuss politics if I find someone with good point of views on the subject.
  24. The arguments can be the most varied, but I'll always think this way: Considering the gravity of the crime committed by the person... Yes, I'm in favor. So... for me, it's 50% to 50%.
  25. Do you think Saturday Night Live is still a funny program? Particularly, I thought the older seasons of the program was funnier than these current ones. Today, I think almost all the jokes suffer from lack of creativity (which results in silly jokes... and certainly makes the program becomes very annoying ).