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  1. Old newspapers will serve the purpose for training the puppy on proper toilet manners. Spread the old newspaper on the floor and place the puppy there. Let it stay until it pees or it poops. You have to do this training when you think the puppy wants to release something. Be sure you spread the newspaper on the right place like the garden or the backyard.
  2. Taking care of a toddler is the most difficult part for me as a parent. It is the phase when the child is learning to walk and talk. Accidents can happen and that's what worries me all the time. Whenever we have a toddler at home, I would always ask the parents to closely monitor their child so the toddler will not be harmed by accidentall fall.
  3. I admit that I have doubts about life after death because no one can present proof. Pastors and other leaders of religions can only give us a philosophical explanation but no concrete evidence. However, it is safer to believe than not to believe because it is scary to think that it is the end when we die. At least life after death gives us hope.
  4. My preference for messages is the written. On the phone, I seldom answer a call and my advice is to text me. Here is an actual story that happened last month. It was my birthday and we had invited some relatives for lunch in a buffet restaurant. We were in the restaurant when my niece called to say she is in another restaurant waiting for us. Well, I said to my niece to check my text. Voila! My text cleared the issue.
  5. I don't think it's the generation but the society in general, young and old, most are conscious with the food we eat and the lifestyle as well. One proof is the proliferation of herbal supplements that claim to make us healthy. Another proof is the popularity of organic food that is healthier to eat. Maybe this trend will lengthen the longevity of man.
  6. In the olden days, we have the native food like rice cake and porridge for snacks. Later on we have the banana cue, that is fried plantain with sugar and attached to a stick for convenience in eating. We actually have a long list of snack foods with main ingredients coming from the farm. But some 40 years ago, our country was conquered by American fast foods and hamburger slowly replaced our native snacks. Now I would say that the most popular snack in our country is the sandwich (hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon blt, etc) with french fries followed by pizza.
  7. I never imagined to be handling the kitchen because I have no penchant for cooking. However, I had the sad fate of getting married to a woman who has zero aptitude in cooking so the responsibility fell on my shoulders. And it was fortunate that I discovered to have a high aptitude in cooking because I learned cooking only by myself, no cook book for recipe, no consultations. Just by tasting the food, I get to imagine the ingredients and the procedure. Now I have many fans of my cooking especially my relatives who get to taste my dishes during family gatherings.
  8. Has anybody here played pinball before? What I mean was the good old pinball machine and not the digital version. I was so good at it especially when I get the ball bouncing back and forth between 2 rubber stoppers. In one arcade here, had hit the highest score which earned me a price of free play anytime. I felt like winning an Olympic medal. You can imagine the admiration I got from the youngsters in that arcade. But when the pinball changed to the digital version, it didn’t suit my taste buds anymore. Besides, I’m already a working guy and pinball is not appropriate anymore.
  9. I have asked this question to 12 people - can you last a day without your cellphone? All the 12 answered in the negative to mean that the cellphone is already an adjunct of their physical being. And what happens when suddenly the phone network stopped working? I guess the world will be lost and people will all be confused as to what's happening. It seems that almost everyone is dependent on the cellphone particularly when the smart phone emerged that provides us with internet function. So my question is this - how long can you last without your phone?
  10. The 1970s is called the golden decade not only in the movies but also in the music industry. Countless of great bands emerged during that decade and their popularity cannot be equalled until now. Do you remember the Bee Gees, America, Abba, Queen and other singers like John Denver, Alice Cooper. And not to forget that the Beatles still had an album, their last was Abbey Road which was also a blockbuster in the charts. With the modern times, I don’t think there will be another golden decade like the 1970s.
  11. Duterte is the president of the Philippines whose campaign promise was to eradicate the country of illegal drugs. Now those killed in the said campaign is numbering in thousands and half of those killings have no clear justification hence they are considered extra judicial killing. President Duterte has been criticized by foreign leaders already but he seems to be touchy in that area. He wants to do everything quietly without any critics. He even cursed US President Obama and UN head Ban Ki Moon for their remarks against the killings.
  12. Until now the testing is ongoing of the Tesla car and the Google car, both are self-driving cars. The evaluation of the testing is not good because minor issues are to be resolved which seem to be harder to resolve than the bigger issues. For one, the unpredicted situation should be taken into consideration before the car can react. But how can you predict every situation that is possible on the road? Tesla car is being more practical because they have come to terms that their car is free from driver assistance but with monitoring in case of unpredicted situation so the driver can do the reaction.
  13. We always use online booking for our accommodation in our foreign travels. They have 2 options which is the free cancellation and the regular which is cheaper. Free cancellation means you can cancel the booking a week before your arrival and you pay nothing since your booking is a free cancel arrangement. But when you proceed, the cost is higher than the regular by around 20%. What we take is the regular booking option so it is cheaper because barring emergencies, we are sure to go and use the reservation.
  14. I recently have read an article in the magazine that a company has plans of reaching the planet Mars. But that trip is not for the astronauts but for the passengers. Yeah, it will be like a space ship to commute from earth to Mars. The main problem now is how to lessen the cost because right now the computation is about 1 million dollars for each passenger of the space ship with a capacity of 100 passenger. But the gargantuan plan was to create a space station in Mars so that it can be inhabited by earthlings for a long time. Now, do you subscribe to this idea?
  15. I am glad to say that I have no allergies since birth although I sometimes have rashes due to the weather. My sister-in-law has a malady that the doctors cannot define. The allergy produces rashes all over her body and the climax would be the difficulty in breathing so she is always rushed to the hospital. One allergologist said that it may be due to the food but still the case cannot be isolated that easy. Until now the allergy attacks without warning and she is developing a phobia with food.