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  1. I was reading that Baking Soda in water first thing in the morning,is fantastic for bladder/Kidney problems
  2. Just started taking Baking Soda..Hopefully it will prevent anything nasty starting in my body.I have been gargling with Apple Cider Vinegar for some time i.e Gargling with salt added to warm water and ACV...this stops me from being clogged up with nasty flem etc.I always use the ACV with the Mother in it(it says Mother on the bottle..brands like Braggs for example) I think ACV is a miracle worker,and I am hoping Baking soda is going to be the same.
  3. I wish for the power to stop my girlfriend snoring!!!!
  4. Greed is a terrible thing
  5. You were proved right
  6. I think UKIP without Farage are dead in the water
  7. I think we should definitely use the Australian system
  8. Thats amazing..My phone bill is betweem £60-£80 a month
  9. You can buy a meal for two people..Thats amazing..Im not sure whether I could buy a bunch of flowers for my girlfried with 5 dollars in my country
  10. Lets face it..when you reach 55/and sit down too much,drinking tea, and dunking them there malted milk biscuits ..a beach body seems a long way away..keep trying though.
  11. Yes love dancing..A few drinks and I think I'm John Travolta (Probably too old for some of you!!)
  12. Who thinks Sam Allardyce will get England back to being GREAT again?
  13. I don't have a beer gut ! I have a protective covering for my rock hard abs.!!!!
  14. I am in shape! Round is a shape isn't it?
  15. Q What is a man's idea of a balanced diet ? A A Budweiser in each hand !!