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  1. I wouldn't trust a driverless car. Computers can malfunction. Anyhow, I find it hard to believe they can create a computer smart enough to drive. If you look out at nearly everything: planes, ships, trains etc.. Everything has a driver.
  2. Some people say we shouldn't be afraid of nuclear power, and the people against it are weaklings. On the other hand, accidents like Chernobyl and Fukashima have caused so much disaster that many have to come to the conclusion the power source isn't worth it. Nonetheless, cynics could point out the fact that highly preventable human error causes accidents. For instance, Chernobyl may have been caused by the failure of the Soviet government. In my own opinion, nuclear power needs to be terrorist and earthquake proof at the least.
  3. Actually, the cost of developing Mars might actually be more than developing places like Siberia, isolated parts of The Sahara, under the ocean, or Anarctica. In that case, should we invest the time and effort? Well, actually, the cost of developing the underwater stuff might match the Mars stuff due to the fact that oxygen isn't present.
  4. The recent news about an email investigation leaves people wondering about Hillary and what used to be her 100 percent chance of getting in The White House. Now it looks like the race could tip either way. Does anyone think the email investigation's findings are true?
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popular_music_of_Manchester Since the 1960s, Manchester has had artists which have been popular worldwide. in fact, it seems to be similar to Seattle, Washington in that regard. Definitely a trip to England would have Manchester as a popular stop and not only because of the soccer club.
  6. Affairs in the Phillippine Islands, for the most part, are none of my business. However, it does concern me he is targeting addicts, not just the sellers. In that sense, it's a very cruel and harsh way of dealing with crime. Note, many of us have family members or friends who have fell to drug addiction, and the thought of them being killed by some maniac would anger and sadden us.
  7. YouTube can be a huge vehicle to bring in cash. In fact, a lot of music teachers and internet marketers have become rich and famous via the platform. Well, for one thing you can do three things on YouTube. First of all, you can run their ads on your videos and profit from them, and second, you can drive traffic to a separate website. Finally, the third thing involves the possiblity of doing both.
  8. Some people claim that directories and social bookmarking sites can help out with a website's SEO. However, other people claim these backlinks, at least from directories, are a type of paid link which Google dislikes and Bing and Yahoo ignore. Therefore, it won't provide an SEO boost on any major search engine. Note, Google's position on the matter was made clear a few years back. They don't mind quality paid directories, but submission to fly by night cheap directories can signal a red flag with them.
  9. Has anyone been banned from Adsense or a similar program like Chitka? Sometimes, these companies will ban you if they see your using a fake form of traffic. Note, in another thread in this section, I was talking about how so many traffic sources were a scam. However, if the traffic source is low quality, but not fake, then does Adsense ban you?
  10. If your looking for cheaper traffic, then you should be careful. A lot of traffic sold is coming from low quality sources or bots. Bots are not people, but rather computer programs. Anyhow, due to the high cost of traffic from quality providers like Bing, Facebook. Yahoo, and Google, it's not surprising many would see another solution.
  11. If a person wants to win the SEO game, then they should look into connecting thier websites to Twitter and Facebook accounts. As many people know, a large following on those social media platforms can lead to a large boost in ranking. Note, this statement is true regarding Google, Bing, and Yahoo, though Google's ranking scheme is a bit tougher. Does anyone else have any tips regarding social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? By the way, SEO is the science of making a website rank high in search engine results.
  12. Let's say you wanted to target a certain keyphrase on Google, Yahoo, or Bing when doing either SEO or pay-per-click advertising. In that case, you would you use the BingAds keyword research tool for Bing and Yahoo, and the Adwords one for Google. However, remember Bing and Yahoo don't have as large a search as Google. Does anyone know of any other free tools?
  13. This whole situation is way different than what we see on the movie Total Recall. Supposedly in the future, the price for going to Mars isn't that outrageous. It would be similar to a typical flight from Japan to the USA, or maybe even one from New York to Los Angeles. However, at the present time, as with robots, the only one who can afford anything would be the rich or funded by some top government program like NASA.
  14. In the case of burn injuries, I'm all for it. However, a lot of times plastic surgery is done for silly and selfish reasons. For instance, I didn't see anything wrong with Michael Jackson's original face. Plastic surgery, in my mind, seems to be a racket to make money, much like the legal drug and diet industries are. Serious advisement should be done before getting the surgery, especially in the case of children or teenagers.
  15. I'm wondering how an area could protect itself from a flood. It seems like there isn't any way. However, in my own area they control floods by using a dam. However, the bad side to this situation involves the fact that it messes with the ecosystem and might seem unnatural, as my area doesn't naturally have lakes like the US state of Minnesota, for instance.