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  1. Well it just depends on your personal preferences. I have always preferred the Playstation tot he X Box or the Nintendo systems, but they each have their strengths and weaknesses I suppose. I have just always liked the style of the Playstations, and it is what I grew up on, so I think that factors into it as well. To each their own though, and I would say that as long as you are getting your money's worth and getting to play a lot, then you should be just fine with either of them.
  2. Well I just created a post about the show that I am most recently binge-watching, and that is The Night Of on HBO, and it is fantastic too. I am not a big binge-watcher overall, though, so that might tell you something about this show. Some of the other ones that I have done this for was Orange Is The New Black, which was okay, and the Making A Murderer documentary on Netflix, which was really good. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Well simply put it is downright terrible, but actually today is a nice little break, so I guess that is nice. This summer has been brutal, and it has been hot and muggy pretty much everyday. On top of that, it seems like every night there are storms and tornadoes, which of course means more humidity during the days, so it just compounds to make me miserable. Needless to say, I cannot wait for a little break and for Fall, which is right around the corner.
  4. Well unfortunately the short answer for me is not enough, but I would also like to think that I am pretty good at ensuring I at least get one or two days in there, which is fine with me. I have never been a workout buff, but lately I just realize how much better it makes me feel, and my days are so much more productive when I workout. Of course, life gets in the way though, and I know that I am not alone there. Thanks for sharing, and maybe I will sneak in a quick one here soon.
  5. I am with you @Lisa Davis- I try to incorporate some into the routine but when it comes to eliminating meat all together I just could not do it. That said, though, I did go vegetarian for about a week in college, and I am really glad I did, because I learned a lot. I learned some great substitutes, and to this day I prefer eggs and black beans to eggs and sausage or bacon, just a quick example of the little things. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Well I am going to have to look into this one @Lisa Davis- I am not really a big Will Ferrell fan either but the one he did with Wahlberg when they were cops was pretty funny, so I am betting this is a lot like that one. I am not really sure I have even heard of this one though, but I will certainly make it a point to watch. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Well thanks for the quick laugh and the memories @brockied- this was certainly an interesting show. I remember when it first came out it was pretty popular, but if I remember correctly it was pretty quick to fade away too. What it does make me think of is what it would be like if they were to bring it back with better graphics and updates versions. Maybe someday, but I guess until then we are just left to our memories. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Well you can never have too many smilies, so thank you for adding them. To be honest I am not the biggest user of them, but I have been told that I need to express myself more, so maybe this is the digital way of doing so. Now I can report to my friends and everyone that I am opening up, so thank for that. Of course I am joking, but I do appreciate you keeping us updated. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Well I have not really seen all that much of the show, but I do have to say that I am surprised that it made it to a season three. This is one of those that I did not predict would make it that long, just given the premise, but I guess it is rather new and exciting, so I can see why people like it. I think I might need to go back and give it another shot. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Well I just had to come on here and recommend a show for everyone. I do not usually do this, too, so take that for what it is worth. The Night Of on HBO is my new favorite show, and I can officially say that I binged watched the first five episodes, and I cannot wait until this Sunday for the next one. For those who are unaware, it is a crime/thriller series that follows a suspicious murder in New York. Visually it is one of the better ones I have seen in a while, and the story is great too. Hope you like it.
  11. It all of its glory. I like the little aura that it has around it, and I bet that is how some poeple feel when they get their hands on it. The first thing that immediately came to my mind was playing some Tecmo Bowl and some Paperboy. Those are the two games that I find iconic with the system, and the ones that I played the most. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Well I certainly think that it is an important topic, and also one that suffers from being politicized, much like everything else. I think I am more optimistic than people, though, and perhaps it is due to having worked in wind energy for a bit, but I think that alternatives are out there. It is going to take a concerted effort, though, and I do think that it will be some time before we see anything like that. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Well despite what you might hear from advertisements and all of these fancy products out there that claim to help you lose weight, in my years of trying I am pretty sure you can guess what really works. That's right...diet and exercise. You have to eat right and move your body to lose weight and look better, there is just no way around it, trust me. Of course there are products that can help and might aid to speed up the process, but you cannot escape those two in any formula that you try.
  14. Well I am a meat lover, and I have gone vegetarian once in my life and I lasted about one week. That said, though, I am so glad that I did it and I am glad that I met the person who inspired me to do it. This is because I learned some great substitutes and I try to work them in for a little more balance. Black beans was probably the one that stuck out the most, and I use it all the times as a substitute for chicken in tacos and things like that, and they are also great with eggs in the morning. A little egg and black bean burrito is delicious, and way more healthy than eggs and sausage.
  15. Well there are just so many good ones out there that it is tough to choose. I tend to like a wide variety of comedies, too, which of course does not make choosing favorites any easier. I did watch the movie Hot Rod the other day and I forgot how stupid and funny that movie was, but I do like the more sophisticated ones and I really like Wes Anderson movies. Rushmore is probably my favorite there, but I have yet to see the new one so I am not too sure. Anchorman is up there, too.