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  1. I am definitely a meat eater, and while I am breast feeding my 5 month old I have become an extreme red meat eater. I quite literally can't get enough of the stuff. With that being said I do love some vegetarian meals and we have one at least once a week. I love veggies just not enough to give up meat!
  2. Has anyone here been keeping up with the situation in Venezuela lately? Does anyone have family there? I know the media in the US is completely ignoring what is going on there. For those who are not aware the country is starving to death and no one can afford food. If you could afford it there isn't any to be bought. It is the ultimate lesson for the US in what a corrupt government will get you. That's probably why the media here ignores it!
  3. What is your favorite part of being a parent? I love everything about being a mom, but my favorite thing is watching them learn. I love seeing them try to do something over and over and then one day it just "clicks" and you can see it in their eyes and after that they are on to the next thing.