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  1. In 2013 everyone was talking about the Illuminati. Conspiracy theorists made numerous videos identifying members of the Illumanati and I too almost believed those theories — that Illuminati was everywhere, that they wanted to take over the world and the like. Lots of people have tried that. But then that wasn't enough for conspiracy theorists. They had to a step further and say the Illuminati elite was reptilian. And when I heard that, I lost interest. Shape shifters from planet X, really? Sounds like a bad sci-fi story. Just curious. Do you believe there's some secret society called the Illuminati that's conspiring to form a one world government a.k.a the New World Order?
  2. England had the players they needed to go straight to the Semi-finals or even win Euro 2016. They did quite well in the friendlies after all even beating Germany which is the best team in this tournament. But Hart let them down. Had Hodgson picked a better goal keeper I'm sure England would have performed better. That said, I believe that when the next manager is appointed most players in this squad will be dropped. Has Rooney announced his retirement yet? Nope. But he should.
  3. A few years ago, I only watched action and horror movies. That was before the quality of said movies began to get progressively worse. Most horror movies went for over the top gore which made them sort of disgusting while most action movies lacked depth. The same could said of comedies (they are shallow, etc, etc) but I don't really care as long as the movies achieve the purpose for which they are made — make the target audience laugh. Since I'm always looking for more comedy movies to watch, I need some recommendations. So here we go, what are some of the best comedies you've ever watched?
  4. Hi, I'm not that good at introductions even in real life but I'll try to do my best :) There was a time I had this dream that one day I'd be friends with people from all over the world. Dreams do come true. I've been all over the internet meeting new people and making friends but one can never have enough friends, right? I love discussing a lot of things with like-minded people and I'm looking to getting to know all of you better and hopefully, I'll make some new friends here too:) Y'all be seeing me around!