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  1. There is no way you will be able to get a beach body in 2 weeks. Not a long shot. As it has already been said, it's going to come down to the proper diet and exercise. You can do it with dieting alone, but dropping the extra fat is going to take twice as long, at least. What you need is a diet that consist of raw vegetables and animal protein. Just make sure it's organic and not GMO strain of veggies and the livestock is not to be fed GMO corn or anything else that is GMO. I would cut the fruit down to a minimum because it has fructose that will be counter productive. Also you need to drink a lot of water, before, during, and after all meals to make you feel fuller, and that alone does curve your appetite.
  2. I'm a meat lover. Nothing satisfies me more then a thick piece of sirloins steak on a open fire. But I'm not exclusive to meat. I also eat vegetables, but nothing fills me up like animal protein. What are you and tell me why you don't eat or limit the other?
  3. I don't blame you. They are not rationalized Muslims that are currently residing if the UK and the USA. To be honest that is the only reason why Trump is in the running because he is fueling that fear. Muslims and Mexican immigrants.
  4. Here's a video that was made a few years ago in Italy. It's funny in my eyes, but we all know the Chinese like to rip reverse engineer everyone else's stuff and what they did with this video didn't have the same response as the original. Anyways, here's the original and I'll post the link to where you can see the Chinese version. And here's the link to the Chinese version. I'm just warning you, it's not funny to a lot of people
  5. I just watched a review on the New Batman VR game. Although it could be biased, I just thought it was cool as the reviewers did say that it was empowering to have seen that you are Batman and when you look down at yourself you can see your costume and pick things out of your utility belt. So it is immersive in the sense that people posture changes and they feel like they really are the Batman. Go to 2:26 and watch the hand on review of the game.
  6. I watched the first UFC and I was hooked every since. Not a day goes by where I am constantly checking the message boards to see the latest signings and injury reports. The sport has grown over the years and is now, for the most part accepted in western households. Anyone out there that are MMA fans? Who are your favorite fighters, and why?
  7. I think it will get better over time and some adjustments. They just didn't want Syrian refugees coming into the country. That was the main concern as mass hysteria over Muslims coming over was frightening to most. You can bring up figures and numbers but that was the main concern and why they left the union. It was fear and self preservation.
  8. I hope not. This is a man that shows signs of a Narcissist. He is totally engulfed in his own self and when they finally do have a debate in front of the world opposite Hilary Clinton, it will show how much of a fool he really is. Every speech he has he is very vague, and never goes into detail. He plays with people emotions and gets them worked up over issues that most don't like to talk about. Here's a video showing you what a dirt bag he is.
  9. gaming

    It was a great time when all of a sudden you could hook up 4 controllers out of the box and if you had a big enough screen, you could play multiplayer with all of your friends. It was complete carnage at times. Now those games and consoles can be picked up for dirt cheap off of ebay. I collected almost all of the Sega CD games for pennies. It's a buyer market if you want to collect all the goods from that era.
  10. I owned every console that Sega made, from the Master System to the Dreamcast. I felt that they did a decent job at trying to bring the arcade games to the home console. They were limited by the technology at the time, but the Dreamcast did a good job at reproducing them. Games like Hydro Thunder was a great racing game in the arcades and I felt it was in the 90 percentile as almost perfect to the arcade version. But once they figured out how to pirate the games, it was all over, the CDG disc that they used were easily mass produced bring the end to the console giant. It's a shame really and I wouldn't mind seeing them in the fold again.
  11. As much as I loved the Game Cube and Nintendo 64, I have lost faith in their recent products. They have a marketing strategy of targeting a small niche and they are happy with that. I'm not sure if they are turning a profit, but it would seen that they aren't. The unit will also will not be technologically advance or up to par with Microsoft or Sony. So ported games from those two are out of the question. It seems that third party support is not in the equation for now. History will repeat itself as the Wiiu suffered because the lack of third party support. We'll see what happens when they do release something that we can get our hands on. It might be the most fun we had in years since the Wii. That alone should sell and make a profit.
  12. The only issue I have with it is that when anything that is condensed especially at 40%, you will get overheating issues. Now did the add a few more fans in the unit? I don't think so. It is cheaper and if I did buy one I would have it sitting on a laptop cooler just to keep protect my investment. If the power brick is now internally located, that means it will heat up even faster. But with the pending release of the new Scorpio project, I might just wait to see how that performs and opt for that unit instead.
  13. You guys really need to check out this team challenge course. It really pushes the endurance and teamwork of those competing. It is exhausting to watch it. Filled with back story and drama and there are a lot of elderly and handicapped individuals in the race, which make great TV. Here's a video of the race. Really cool stuff here.
  14. We all know what the latest craze is at the box office. Ever since Disney acquired Marvel they are hitting us with at least 3 movies every years based on the comics. DC comics has been trying to play catch up after they had given the rights to their properties to other studios and have seen multiple flops in the past 5 years. Marvel on the other hand took back their properties years ago and made a cohesive universe and thus has lead to major back to back blockbusters totaling billions of dollars at the box office. Dc has made it's its intentions with the forming of the Justice League as teased in Batman vs Superman. They almost made 1 billion at the box office, and they the heads of the WB studios was still underwhelmed. Hopefully the first Justice League movie will have a lighter tone to where middle America will bring their kids to watch the movie and increase box office receipts. What are your thoughts between the two studios? Are they doing a good job and how can they improve?
  15. Have you ever wondered why dogs like to sniff around first and maybe do a a circle or two before taking a poop? I always wondered that. I just found out why. You see dogs when they are about to die will try to align themselves with the earth magnetic field when they are about to die. They're sensitive to things of that nature. Probably why my dog runs and hides when lightning and thunder appears. Same can be said when they take a poop. They sniff for it, take a few strides and circles and when it feels right, they release. I find it interesting. Not the poop, but the fact that they can sense it and they try to align themselves properly to get the right energy involved in the whole process. Can you imagine people having the same sensory and a toilet that is multi-directional? Anyways, your thoughts on this earth shattering find.