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  1. I'm also a big food lover and I've never been one to just eat to survive. My favourite cuisine is probably either Indian or Mexican, but I also like traditional English dishes as well as Thai, Chinese and Mediterranean dishes as well. As you can tell I will eat virtually anything that's put in front of me, and if I didn't go to the gym and exercise as often as I do then I'd have to seriously watch what I was eating and my weight would be an issue.
  2. I'll usually have a drink at home on a Friday or a Saturday night if we don't end up going out, but during the week I very rarely touch any alcohol. What with getting up for work early and having a family to look after when I get home, I don't really have time to sit there and open a bottle of wine or have a beer usually. There's the odd occasion when if we've had a bad day at work we'll get the kids in bed and maybe put a film on and have a couple of glasses of wine, but them occasions are rare and we usually end up falling asleep anyway!
  3. I'm also a big meat eater and I don't think that I could survive if I just had to live off just vegetables to be honest. While I do like most kinds of veg, I've always considered them more of a side dish to compliment...well, meat! There's nothing wrong with being a vegetarian of course and I know a few people that have chosen to live that lifestyle for various reasons and fair play to them, I just don't think that I could do it myself. Every time I go to a restaurant I usually end up having a steak, and if I didn't I'd feel like l hadn't had value for money.
  4. When I was younger I used to do a lot of running and was at the gym 3 and 4 times a week. As I've got older though I have started to swim a lot more, as not only is it a good cardio exercise, it's also a non-impact exercise as well so that means that it's less strenuous on your joints and I think that's important to think about as you get older. Some people tend to think that they have to cut down on the amount of exercise they do, but that's not the case at all, they just have to choose which exercises they do more cautiously but swimming can be done at any age.
  5. I never check my spam box to be honest and every time I check my emails and I see there's things in there I just hit the delete all key without even opening the folder itself. I've no doubt that occasionally I might have missed an important email that's accidentally found itself in there but when I first set up my email account I was pretty meticulous at categorising all the emails I got, so in theory when I receive emails they should drop into the right folders without me having to search through.
  6. I do quite enjoy talking about politics but a lot depends on the people that your actually talking to. People can have some extreme views and while that's fine of course because everybody as a right to have their own opinion, at the same time they have to be willing to listen to yours at the same time. What I've found even more so lately is that people are losing the skill of debating, stating their point and then taking on board the opinion of others and now it seems like every discussion just turns into an heated argument, and that gets nobody anywhere. They do say that you should avoid the topics of religion and politics if you want to remain civil with others and sometimes it IS best to avoid the subject completely if you feel they are too stubborn to listen as well as talk.
  7. Ideally I think that we would all prefer to work online for cash and get it wired straight into our Paypal accounts or whatever payment processor we use. On some sites though, that isn't always an option but the rewards that are offered are still too good to turn down so on those kind of sites I don't mind an Amazon voucher or something along those lines for example. A lot depends on what your actually trying to earn online for, and if you are trying to save up for something in particular then maybe a voucher is no good for you so you will avoid using those sites, but if your just earning online as a supplementary income then you wont mind the odd voucher being offered as long as you are able to make some use out of it.
  8. SEO seems to be all the rage these days and people are getting wiser when it comes to optimising their sites and especially when connecting those sites to social media. While I do think that is a good thing and people are learning now that it's not just enough to build a site and hope it grows, people are now using black hat SEO techniques to try and push their sites to the top of the google rankings and they're playing with fire in my opinion. White hat SEO techniques might only promote a slow and steady growth, but it also means that the site owners stay within the laws that Google set out and maybe in the past Google have allowed some amount of rule breaking, these days as SEO get more and more popular, they are clamping down and any rules that are broken will get your site permanently banned so it's simply not worth taking the risk.
  9. I see what you mean now, sorry for the confusion. I agree and more money needs to be invested into the police to try and stop the crimes before they are committed but over here in the UK, the exact opposite is happening and less funds are being made available and the police are having to cut back on services. Surely the government can see that is going to increase the crime rate and put even more pressure on the system as well as putting peoples lives in even more risk including the actual police officers that are serving.
  10. How? We can't punish people before they commit a crime. All we can do is try and punish those that have committed a crime and hope that their sentence puts others off doing the same offence. Crimes will always be for all manner of reasons no matter what we do to educate people so while the punishment might not prevent crime, it can used as an example to others and a warning as what happen to them in the future.
  11. Well I guess now we'll never know seeing as he's had to resign for 'activities' he's been up to. I was never a fan of Sam taking over anyway, but the decision was made and so we should support him but after recent revelations I don't think he had any choice but to resign and it just shows how far away from the real world these people are. He was being paid £3 million a season and yet tried to make an extra £400,000 on the side. What's wrong with these people? Most people would give anything to manage their national team, and he get's his so called dream job, and then get's caught saying he can advise potential investors on how to dodge the rules all for the sake of making a little extra money that he doesn't even need. I can't get my head around it to be honest, but if that IS the kind of person he is (and it's not the first time he's been investigated), the the England team is better off without him.
  12. The last movie I watched was The Magnificent 7. even though it's a western and a re-make so not my kind of film at all, I have to say that I really enjoyed it and I'd certainly recommend it to those who haven't seen it yet. If you've seen the original from years ago then you'll also enjoy this version as well, and I think that's quite rare for re-makes as they are often poorer versions and aren't all that good. If you like a decent story and a lot of action, then I'd go and watch The Magnificent 7 and even though it might not be your thing, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  13. This is a topic that's going to get varied opinions and both sides have a good argument, but for me it depends on the crime. Sex crimes, pedophiles and the like, for me, can't be rehabilitated and prison is supposed to be a punishment but also a way to rehabilitate an individual, so there's no point in keeping somebody in prison for the rest of their life, if there's no chance of them ever coming out and being a valuable member of society again. That being said I think every crime needs to be judged individually, and we can't say that everybody that does A, B or C deserve to die because in crimes that are that serious, all the circumstances need to be looked at before a judgement is delivered. Is a person classed as a murderer for example if they help a terminally ill person to commit suicide? In some countries they are sentenced for murder and in others it's assisted suicide or manslaughter so there's a big difference on how the law see's certain crimes so it can't be a one punishment fits all society.
  14. I'm kind of a bit jealous reading some of these replies! Here in the UK, $5 doesn't go very far. $5 works out at about £3,90 so it won't even get me a McDonald's Big mac Meal to be honest. I remember not too long ago when the exchange rate was a lot better than it is now, and while the brexit decision hasn't helped, I do think that in the future the rate will start to rise again and the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned!
  15. How can you blame the England performance in the Euro's on Joe Hart alone? The whole team had a nightmare, especially the defence and we could have had the best goalkeeper in the world, and we would have still have been knocked out. The only good thing about being knocked out then, was I dread to think what a decent team would have done to us if we had got any further. The thing is now, have a look at who the FA have appointed to take over from Hodgson, Sam Allardyce...I think it might be time to just give up supporting the England team with that appointment.