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  1. This show is so funny!!! would love to have a go for a laugh. Rice Bowl Down Hill is my favourite .
  2. haha this is soooooo funny!!! nice share.
  3. I give this a 4/5 because its ok though I liked Windows 7 better. I hate the new start menu just what have they done ? I liked the all programs menu.
  4. I am guilty of this! I snore loud and keep my wife up all the time that she has to wear earplugs haha. I don't know how to stop myself doing it any ideas ?
  5. My singing is really bad you really don't want to hear it haha
  6. Interesting videos @brockied I totally get what your saying. I also feel the same about this, too many people are afraid to speak about this issue because they are afraid of being called "racist" but I feel its something that needs talking about and looking into. The media twist the story by saying stuff like "an Asian man attacked" instead of Muslim man. We are seeing more attacks happen and I wonder when people are going to wake up.
  7. Welcome to the forum Josh
  8. For me its got to be Animal he is so funny!!
  9. Hard to tell really, looks like a killer whale but the fin rules it out.
  10. Theresa May looks like the one who will win, not that I want her too because she was for the remain side.
  11. I voted leave I think its better for the country.