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      If you would like you can introduce yourself to the forum.     
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      Help us make a great forum   02/24/2017

      We are looking for people to help out with the forum voluntarily just to post on the forum and keep things going. You will become a moderator and will have the power to manage posts. Roles:
      Move posts that are in the wrong place
      Delete spam and offensive posts
      Give warnings to people abusing the forum and not going by the rules
      Post on the forum to keep things interesting If you would like to be a moderator of just a part of the forum for example the Second Life section and manage that area this is also helpful. So if you have worked on a forum before or know how one works contact the admin (http://ontopica.net/profile/1-brockied/) and be part of our team. Let's make a great forum!.


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Hi I'm David 33 years old from the Isle of Wight (UK). I am the creator of this forum and it is my goal to make it one of the biggest forums on the internet for multi topic. Some say forums are dying out and if that is true it would be a real shame so hope to keep forums alive with this big project. Forums are fun and I love them.

If anyone who wants to come help me out with the forum it will be much appreciated just PM me.