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  1. That's strange, is the option not there ? maybe Adsense wants you to do something first to unlock this.
  2. Yeah that will be good never done that before is worth a shot.
  3. What do you think of all this new school stuff ? for me I'm just not feeling it so I'm old school. I like 2Pac, BIG, Big L and all that.
  4. I really love old school hip hop and this I found not that long ago. Group Home have some amazing beats check it out.
  5. I used to visit The Lost Gardens of Apollo most of the time in Second Life but when they closed it down I have been looking for places like it. I visit a place called Svarga that is nice. Know of any good places to visit ?
  6. Has anyone used Second Life with VR glasses ? I can not afford it right now but it must be a great experience to bring you closer to your second life.
  7. Be interesting to know how long you have been on Second Life for ?
  8. Brought this game on offer, I had to play it and I'm glad I did it's amazing. I love city building games and this one is very much like Sim City. If you own the game post your screenshots here, I want to see your creations.
  9. Ok so this is my City. I created a new bit on extended land, I want this one to be greener with a lot of parks. This is the capital lit up at night in the below picture and in the distance on this hill at the top left is the industrial area, I kept that away from my city because of pollution.
  10. This is a hard question really. I do think some criminals should be killed, I mean the really bad ones who are no use to society and just take up taxpayers money. There is a problem though, some could be innocent though are not proven to be until after they are killed. I think you would have to be sure 100% before going ahead. I don't see why we should keep someone alive when they have killed others and the trouble with our system in the UK life does not mean life and they get let out to kill other people it's not right.
  11. I have never tried smoking, my mum always used to drum into me that it was bad and I thank her for that. My Dad chain smoked and sometimes when sleeping would stop breathing for some time this always scared me, and now after health problems he has been told to quit smoking or you will die. Both my uncles have recently died from smoking so will never encourage anyone to do it not even once, it's very addictive and in the end can be deadly. I think it's stupid though that my country bans smoking though allows buying of drink at cheap prices, drinking is just as bad and has a social impact with it.
  12. For me it's Facebook and then Instagram second. I do miss before though when Facebook was not around we used to have Myspace, Bebo and others they were more fun I think but feel Facebook has taken over too much.
  13. What do you think of the new XBOX One Slim ? it does look sexy and there is no power brick! its built in. Below is a review.
  14. Who loves The Walking Dead ? I have watched up to series 5 and I love this show hope it goes on for ages.
  15. I have a phobia of spiders which is common though the other is strange, I have a fear of fairground rides like rollercoasters or anything that spins and goes up and down fast like a water slide. I think this started when I was younger when I got encouraged to go on a fast ride that I did not feel comfortable on. I also have a bit of social anxiety so have a phobia of being in some situations like in a clothes store or waiting in the doctor's waiting room with other people opposite sitting and waiting.
  16. I don't find Tattoos as fashionable, I hate seeing them on Women most of all. I guess the odd one is ok depending on where it is. My girlfriend has a Tattoo on her foot and that looks ok but some Women have them on their arms and legs and to me it just makes them less attractive but each to their own. Tattoos can make you look rough if you have a lot of them, I used to know a guy who looked tough because he had all these tattoos everywhere though when you start speaking to him he was a really nice guy so it just gives you a tougher looking image I think.
  17. To be honest I hate phones! I would rather email or text someone. I think my anxiety is what gives me the fear of phones, if someone rings I let it go on answer machine.
  18. Can I live without my cellphone for a day, yes but a computer I'm not so sure . I use my computer for a lot of things, it's my job and my hobby too. Phones I only really use for checking up on Facebook and messengers, I don't have a need to be on it everyday really.
  19. I have tried for forgive liars before and they always seem to lie again and again so can't really trust them. Once they have lied I can't forgive very easily.
  20. I think if I won the lottery I would make sure my close family had some money so they could live happy, maybe buy a villa out somewhere and live in paradise with them haha.
  21. Yeah I think this is true because some people just really look horrible and you can sense they are not going to be nice before you even talk to them.
  22. Share pictures and video of Bruce Lee here.
  23. Ok so now Brexit won how is the UK doing ? the media is all doom and gloom but others say everything is going well and that we won't be having a recession. What do you think ?
  24. I think laptops are ok if you travel a lot and need to be able to carry out tasks that a tablet can't do very well but I would always favour a desktop and here is the reason why. For the price of a desktop you get more power than a laptop at the same price and if anything goes wrong on a desktop it's much more easy to replace parts whereas a laptop some don't let you replace things like the hard drive without taking off the whole back cover which can be a task. Some laptops do have openings to replace parts like a hard drive, ram and wireless chip which is better but if the motherboard goes you bin the whole thing rather than just replace that one part. If you do go for a laptop do make sure it does have these openings because some shops sell laptops that have really poor hard drives in that are slow and are a rubbish make. Getting a laptop with an SSD (Solid State Drive) is recommended though expensive, these hard drives have no moving parts and are fast !!! you can put them in a older laptop and it will be faster than a brand new one because of just this. It costs a lot to get a 1TB SSD though.
  25. Below is a list of Anti Virus removal tools. If you are using Vista or Windows 7, after saving the uninstallers, make sure to right-click and choose “Run as administrator” Avast! – Uninstall Utility AVG Antivirus – AVG Remover AVG Identity Protection – AVG Identity Protection Remover Avira antivirus – Avira RegistryCleaner BitDefender Antivirus Removal Tool – BitDefender Uninstall Tool (scroll down for tool) BullGuard Antivirus – Manually Uninstalling BullGuard Computer Associates (CA) – You may wish to contact CA) support if you are unsure of what tool to use. Manual Removal link depends on your version of the software. Link 1 Link 2 Comodo AntiVirus – Manual Steps to uninstall Comodo AntiVirus Download tool Dr Web – drw_remover.exe eScan Anti-Virus – eScan Removal Tool ESET NOD32 Antivirus Removal – How do I manually uninstall my Windows ESET security product? ESET NOD32 Removal Tool (Dutch but works for all languages) F-Protect AV 6.x – F-Protect Removal Tool F-Secure products – F-Secure Uninstallation tool G DATA AV-Cleaner – G DATA AVCleaner IObit software – BitRemover K7 TotalSecurity/K7 AntiVirus – K7 Removal Tool Kaspersky Removal Tool – Removal tool for Kaspersky Lab products McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool Note: After downloading the tool, extract it and run the TISTOOL executable. Click the ‘ Uninstall’ tab, and then click the ‘1. Uninstall software’ button. The above procedure is for the Antivirus / Internet Security products up to 2010. For the 2011+ and Titanium products use the information below: Note: You will be prompted for a password when you extract these uninstallers, use ‘novirus’. Run the ‘Support Tool’ executable and use the same procedure as above. Microsoft Security Essentials – How to manually uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials (scroll down for the Fix-It tool) Microsoft OneCare Uninstall Cleanup Tool (All versions; XP & Vista) – Windows Live Onecare Cleanup Tool.exe Norton/Symantec Removal Tool – Norton Removal Tool Norman Virus Control and Security Suite – Fixing a Broken Uninstall/Repair function Panda Antivirus Uninstaller – Panda Uninstaller.exe Panda CloudAV – Panda Cloud Antivirus Removal Tool PC Tools Antivirus – PC Tools Community Forum – Uninstall PCTools Prevx 3.0 – Prevx 3.0 Removal Tool Prevx 2.0 – Prevx 2.0 Removal Tool Sunbelt CounterSpy – CClean.exe Sunbelt VIPRE Antivirus – VClean.exe Trend Micro’s HouseCall – HouseCall Cleaner TrendMicro Products – TrendMicro (x86) – TrendMicro (x64) How do I remove Trend Micro Internet Security Pro and Trend Micro Internet Security from my computer? VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware – Sunbelt Software CS&VClean.exe Webroot SpySweeper – Spy Sweeper Consumer Cleanup Tool Webroot Security Cleanup Tool Zondex Guard/VirusBuster – Tool 1 > Tool 2 (Note: Run Tool 1, Run Tool 2, Reboot) Zone Alarm OPSWAT AppRemover – What is AppRemover? AppRemover enables you to thoroughly uninstall security applications such as antivirus and antispyware from your computer. AV Uninstall Tools Pack – Includes tools for removing more than 40 Antivirus, Anti spyware and Firewall packages. The Website is in Russian, but the program is available in English. Download AV Uninstall Tools Pack If necessary for any antivirus or other program try the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility – Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. Other security software removal tools – If you have any that are not listed please reply with a link to it and I will update the list. Agnitum Outpost – clean 32-bit – clean 64-bit (CA) Computer Associates Personal Firewal 2008 Uninstaller (CA) Computer Associates Anti-Spam 2008 Uninstaller IObit products – Description > Download BitRemover Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware Clean Utility Online Armor – Manual Removal Sunbelt Personal Firewall SUPERAntiSpyware Uninstaller Assistant (32 bit) SUPERAntiSpyware Uninstaller Assistant (64 bit) ThreatFire removal tool (for version 3 and 4) WinPatrol Removal Program