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  1. Ok so here is the first look at Nintendo's new console/portable gaming device. It's a great idea and I like the way you can use it out the house unlike before where we were fixed to being within range of the console. I like that is has a cool stand and I can see this being useful for travelling like on a plane which I do. We will have to see what the specs are shortly, I don't expect it to be as powerful as the XBOX or Playstation consoles being such a small device though you never know it could surprise us. I heard more gaming developers will be wanting to make games for this so its looking up for Nintendo but what do you think about this new upcoming release and would you buy it ?
  2. May has come out and said she does not want the Australian style point system because she does not think it will be that effective. What do you think of that ? should we wait and see what she comes up with or are you a little worried that she will not keep to what the people of Brexit wanted and that's control over our borders.
  3. Just took a look at the new Mafia 3 gameplay. It looks impressive will look forward to playing this.
  4. Do you feel yourself getting tired of Facebook all the time ?? , I do. I remember when before Facebook came and dominated peoples social life, I used to have a Myspace account and I loved that website it was just more easy to make friends and I loved how you could customise your profile with themes and have the music player at the top. Bebo was another I used to use that was focused mostly on teens but again you could customise your profile and it was just good fun. It was better when there were more choices to choose from but now its just Facebook, the original Myspace went away and was replaced by this terrible music platform that Justin Timberlake now owns and Bebo was taken down. Why take away something that worked they had loyal customers. Vote in the poll and leave a comment, what do you think ?
  5. What do you think of Windows 10 ? leave a comment and rate the operating system out of 5.
  6. If you use Fiverr or have used Fiverr in the past share with us some of your ideas for making money on the website here.
  7. Have an interesting question. If the internet stopped tomorrow what do you think would happen ? . Would people cope without it, would there be wars, would everything just collapse ? I was born in 1983 so have experienced life without the Internet and people were more social back then and we did not know so much about what was happening in other countries we were more cut off but people were happy enough we found things to do. What do you think ?
  8. I heard they are going to broadcast this on live TV. I just hope they get there ok and even if they do make it they will have to survive being stuck inside forever with their crew being the only people they will see in person every again. Earth will be just a dot in the sky to them but I think someone has to do this and they will be very brave. We need to move off Earth because its getting too populated.
  9. This post is related to a similar one I created on the dance music board which is posted below - I love reggae but you don't hear it played on the radio so much anymore or on TV. You never hear it out and about and that is so sad because it's such a happy kind of music, it makes you feel good. Do they still make reggae ? maybe they do but it's just not promoted so much now. When you watch X-Factor which I don't really like but my partner does, when do you ever hear a reggae artist come on ? this is a shame.
  10. Have noticed when growing up that dance music has declined. In the 90s dance music was big in the UK it was broadcasted on TV and there were raves all over the place, clubs were the thing but now there has been a big change since 2000 dance music started to fade away and what was replaced was more pop music this X-Factor like stuff which to me just gets boring. The trouble is in the UK the youth only really hear a few genres and it's mostly pop and this new kind of pop/rap stuff I don't know what they call it but it annoys me when they call it rap because it's nothing like it. There are loads of genres out there but it's never really played on TV or radio so people just listen to the same stuff over and over and even though some of it is really bad people end up loving it because it's drummed into their heads. I miss the good old days when music was big and it made everyone get up and dance I miss that feeling music used to give us I just don't get that anymore. Now it's all sex and money that sells forget about the real talent. I would not mind pop so much if it sounded like MJ he was good and a great performer too would take a lot to beat that guy.
  11. @gamer Yeah I thought this would be a good topic because my local area was out Friday evening and all over the weekend. Your right about the banks because we tried getting money out of the cash machine and it would not accept the pin number, we tried a different card also. When going to a shop and asking to use card that was also not accepted so it really does effect a lot. My business is in computers and I need the internet, everything just came to a halt for me.
  12. I think if you love someone enough distance should mean nothing. I do think you have to see them somewhen but if you love them enough you will be loyal and wait even if its years. Now with the internet it has made us all closer and that helps keep in touch.
  13. Is this you ? haha
  14. I have been looking into ways of making money online for a long time, I make a bit from Youtube and websites. YOUTUBE I don't make a huge amount from Youtube but it helps pay a bill off and that's good for me. I have many channels on Youtube one is of the hamsters I used to have just showing their life from beginning to end. This did gain a lot of interest and earned me money, funny enough I also did a video of my mice, this was before I had the hamsters and it was of this huge cage I brought for them and the title for the video was mouse mansion. This one video earned a few $$ . So i think making a good title is a good idea and I also found making a good preview image for your video helps too and of course making good content. I also have a cat channel because I have a cat now and I know cat videos are popular on Youtube you can never get enough of them, is hard to get popular though because of the amount of people doing the same but if you catch your cat doing something really funny it could go viral. I have a computer tutorial channel where I do a video of my screen going through different programs and how to fix them, this earns a bit though has only been around for a year and a bit it needs more time. The main channel I have is of different videos, more of a personal channel. I take videos of places I visit, I do videos of the music I make and I have some others which have got popular. This channel makes the most money. I think it's important to keep making videos and as often as you can. WEBSITES Websites I would say is the hardest thing to make money from. I have tried very hard but is not easy, you have to put money and effort into your website to get anything out of it. You can have a great looking website but without good content and without people knowing about your website it will be useless. I have tried Facebook Ads to advertise websites, the hardest thing I found though is getting people off Facebook and keeping them coming to your website. Facebook has taken over everything and it's a shame, it used to be more easy to advertise before and get members but now its limited. You could use Google Adwords but this is expensive you have to spend a lot to get anything out of it. I have facebook pages and some very popular, you would think that would be a great way to advertise your website free. But I got nothing out of this, people view the content you share but never become a member. I did make a bit from having videos and ads that count down before the video, share a link to it on your facebook page and some people click the ad, sometimes I got $ from this but you have to keep sharing and sharing on your facebook page it takes a lot of time. What ideas do you have ??? share with us.
  15. I like to hear both sides of the debate but let's look at Trump. The media are labeling him as dangerous, when Hilary Clinton said if I'm president, we will attack Iran. The trouble is the media alway show one side of the debate and it's always the view of the elite to make people not vote for the other side. They will run Donald Trump down to the ground to make sure he does not get in and there are already signs they plan in rigging votes. Now Donald Trump says he now wants extreme vetting of immigrants into the US. Is that really a bad thing ? of course the media will make it look that way but just think about it for a minute. Surely it's stupid to allow people into a country without proper checks, it leaves you open for attack and that is not good. He also said before about making a temporary ban on muslims entering the US, now that sounds bad if you don't understand what is really going on. I can show you some examples of what happens when you let muslims into your country, there is a problem and to understand that you have to look at Europe. Below is a video of France, they allowed the so called refugees into their country and look what happened. Do these people look like they want to integrate to you? do they look peaceful like their religion makes out ? Now some will say this is not all muslims most want to be peaceful and you would think that but undercover video shows what goes on behind closed doors. This is in the UK by the way. "This is the views of ALL muslims". So why is this not shown in the media ??? we should be worried, very worried about who we are letting in. These people don't want to integrate they want to take over in numbers. The so called refugees, they are seen with good clothes, iphones and selfie sticks when coming to Europe, they turn down aid from us and they do slit throat signs behind reporters have seen that too even from kids. Most are fit men in their 20s they don't look poor to me. Look at what happened in Germany they raped women. Do you want that to happen where you are, is Donald Trump so bad after all for using such strong words. The US needs a strong leader, we all do it's time to get tough and stop being offended all the time.
  16. What do you think of this video, real or fake ? . I think the clip of the guy on a bike that vanishes that is fake but the others is hard to tell. I know these days you can do amazing things with effects it can fool anyone which I think is a shame because we don't need people making videos to fool us we need the real stuff so we know the truth.
  17. Me at ZAPP Club Hardstyle http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Gardens/215/186/22
  18. More from ZAPP Club Hardstyle. Live DJ 10.09.16 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Gardens/215/186/22
  19. I have been around on Second Life since the beginning and over that time had relationships in world. See some of my pictures below and why not share yours too.
  20. These are some of the pictures I took when The Lost Gardens of Apollo was around. Miss this place.
  21. If you like you can introduce your Second Life here with pictures of your avatar.
  22. Hi There, I'm Davbro Karu and have been on Second Life since it started out really. I love exploring worlds and meeting people, really love the peaceful and romantic kind of places also love the night life.
  23. I sure miss this place in Second Life I always used to visit it. Was a great place to relax in world. Some pictures below.
  24. You used to be able to view your adsense earnings easy but now it's all been changed so have made this tutorial on how to find what your earning. Step 1: Ok so first log in to adsense and then click on the performance reports link at the top. Step 2: Next click on the filter button and then select products. Step 3: Now scroll down and tick the hosted adsense for content box and press apply. Step 4: On the top right of the page it will say last 7 days, you can click this and select how long you want to report to show. I always show this month. Step 5: Scroll down the page to see the report and look at the Total earnings column, this shows you your Youtube earnings. Hope this helps, please leave a comment or like if you found this useful.