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  1. pwarbi

    Swimming as exercise

    When I was younger I used to do a lot of running and was at the gym 3 and 4 times a week. As I've got older though I have started to swim a lot more, as not only is it a good cardio exercise, it's also a non-impact exercise as well so that means that it's less strenuous on your joints and I think that's important to think about as you get older. Some people tend to think that they have to cut down on the amount of exercise they do, but that's not the case at all, they just have to choose which exercises they do more cautiously but swimming can be done at any age.
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  2. I think the whole world come to a standstill in the event of a total shutdown of Internet. Nowadays our life is directly connected to Internet, be it personal or official. We will definitely suffer a lot either directly or indirectly. All businesses like telecom, transportation, communication, banking and almost all sectors would be badly affected by this. You can’t make online transaction, don’t even think of ATMs and all modes of communication would be no use. To make it worse all these sectors are inter-related. In short we will go back to our primitive stage at least for some time. But then if Internet is not going to come back it is not the end of world. We would go back to manual mode and keep up everything gradually. So I think it would definitely affect us for sometime but that is not permanent.
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  3. elise

    Online Investment

    The time we spend trying to earn online is already an investment so we are all investing here and hoping that we'll get paid by sites here and there. When it comes to investing money, it's always wise to invest with a company with proven track record. Not that it will ensure good returns on your money, but that will at least minimize or eliminate the possibility of being scammed. I trust websites like Forbes when looking for options on stock investing. In this internet age, anyone can hire writers to publish positive reviews so I don't easily fall for glowing reviews from new sites. We also have to reflect on the type of investment that we want for our money. Investment models that promise great earnings in a short time are usually high risk ones. I wouldn't want to part with real money that I'll regret investing if I lose in the venture, but I'm open to investing a little just to see how it goes. Some online investment seem like gambling and I would normally avoid those types because I'm a baby investor and I'm just learning the ropes. Several banks are offering online stock investments and I'd really prefer this type of investment if I have extra money to invest. I prefer to hold on to my stocks longer, receive dividends that will pay off the cost of the investment, and sell the stocks much later. Warren Buffet was a conservative investor who knows how to choose what stock to invest in and one can learn a thing or two about his investment style.
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  4. biege

    Our original fried rice

    That looks tasty @Alexandoy. I love cooking fried rice myself. I love it most specially if you add a lot of garlic and then some oyster and soy sauce. Bagoong taste better if you like to cook yours with seafoods--It's like a our local version of paella here in Bulacan, Two thumbs up!
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  5. Alexandoy

    Our original fried rice

    When fried rice is mentioned, what comes to mind is the Chinese fried rice which they call yang chow. I agree that it is one of the best but we have our original fried rice which can have anything for the ingredients. The trick is to sautee the crushed garlic and sliced onions first before mixing the rice and after a minute in the pan, add some soy sauce. After 5 minutes of stirring in the pan, the rice will change color from white into brownish. You can now include all other ingredients that you have in the fridge like bits of sausage or spam, bits and pieces of scrambled egg, strips of celery, bits of leek, sliced cucumber and other vegetables. It is really a merry mix of ingredients.
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  6. tonyb

    Death Penalty: "Yes" or "No"? Why?

    I am not saying punish people before they commit a crime. What I am simply saying in nutshell, as much as possible, the system should be put in a way to make it impossible or extremely hard for crime to be perpetrated. There should be thorough policing
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  7. Binu

    Making money online

    In my experience, paid forums are the best place to earn online. You will not earn big but you will earn extra cash for posting 3-4 lines comment or reply. If your language is good and you have writing skills you can earn $4-$5 every day from paid forums. Freelance writing is also a good way to make money online, however, your language skills must be above average to make money. You can earn a good money from freelance writing by joining freelance sites
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  8. gamer

    Handling a bratty child

    I totally agree with you on this. Only parents could be held accountable for such behavior of kids. One of my neighbors’ kid was very stubborn and never pay heed to any advice given by parents or anybody. He was not even interested to do his homework on time. One day his mother cut the cable TV connection and told him that she would not let him see his favorite shows unless and until he is ready to listen to her and do his homework. Finally the kid has to give in after two days and his mother is very happy about him now. So, I think by denying something which is very dear to your child can be fruitful. I am against yelling at kids or punishing them in other ways. They are in their learning stage and it is quite natural to do mistakes. But we should let them know that what he/she has done just now is not good.
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  9. Binu

    Do you drink at home?

    I don't drink at home, neither my husband does. In fact I and my husband both do not take alcoholic beverage. Alcohol is too bad, you never know when it becomes an addiction.
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  10. brockied

    Little Kitten

    My cat when she was a little kitten loved to sleep with her blanket most of the time.
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