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      We are looking for people to help out with the forum voluntarily just to post on the forum and keep things going. You will become a moderator and will have the power to manage posts. Roles:
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      Post on the forum to keep things interesting If you would like to be a moderator of just a part of the forum for example the Second Life section and manage that area this is also helpful. So if you have worked on a forum before or know how one works contact the admin (http://ontopica.net/profile/1-brockied/) and be part of our team. Let's make a great forum!.


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  1. thisnthat

    Is Trump really dangerous ?

    I definitely agree that the media has way too much influence over the elections. Really, it has way too much influence over everything. Add the media manipulation to the fact that most people are working their butts off all the time and are always busy and in a hurry, and you'll find that a lot of people get their "news" from shock value, click bait, headlines. The important stuff we need to see, like facts instead of bias, we have to research ourselves. Trump certainly couldn't be any more dangerous than Hillary is, if you ask me.
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