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  1. Ghost_Writer

    "Money" can buy "Happiness"?

    Ok, let's be honest in the answers and put aside the utopian world, right? Do you really believe when someone says than money can't buy happiness? That money doesn't bring happiness? C'mon, guys.. Seriously? Well, I can't believe in this. However, I believe money can't buy small moments that can provide you other moments of happiness, like a walk on a beach for example. Only this. And you... Go ahead, folks!
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  2. brockied

    Handling a bratty child

    I think discipline with kids is important from a young age, they should grow up knowing respect and the trouble with today is they have taken this away. When I was younger in the UK if I did something bad I would get a smack, I'm not saying go really hard because that would be abuse though a little tap does not hurt anyone. Also if I was to swear I would get soap in my mouth, today both of these are seen as abuse and I think taking this away is the reason why we have kids like this today. I grew up respecting people and to not use bad language because of the old methods. Today I see kids who have no respect for anyone and no one can seem to touch them, they are allowed to be like that. Some would say you have to go down to eye level and say bad girl or boy or put them on the naughty step, this does not work for all kids trust me I know because my parents foster children. I hate seeing kids destroying public property that winds me up and the other day saw a kid hitting his head on the bus stop, that is not normal behavior and the other kid was cheering him on. These are the sort of people we are bringing up into this world, people who will grow up with no respect for others, animals and not want to do anything with their lives they will just claim benefits and we will end up paying for them. I really don't have any hope for the future generations I'm sorry to say because these will be the future parents, great role models. Of course there are some good parents that do well and good for them but I really do see a lot of disrespectful kids today, you look at the parents and this is the reason for it.
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  3. micropreemiemum13

    Making money online

    maybe we should do a youtube Collab or a challenge or something its meant to be a good way to boost channels
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